Saturday, 9 April 2022

My lip dissolving journey

I’ve been having my lips done since I was 18 and I’ve visited so many different practitioners, some doctors and nurses and others trained without a medical qualification. Naturally having small lips, I have always been conscious of them and therefore thought that by continuing to have lots of filler every 3 months, that I would end up with my dream lips. This sadly wasn’t the case and ended up with the filler migrating above my top lip over time causing a swollen look. 

I therefore decided to take the plunge and have my lips dissolved and refilled, using the ‘Russian lip’ technique, a method that produces flatter but fuller lips. However, I was so nervous! I’ve seen horror stories online of the filler being squeezed out bit by bit so I genuinely didn’t know what to expect! 

This blog will explain the process of dissolving, my experience and the refilling results!

I’ve been unhappy with my lips for a long time and so having them dissolved has been something I have thought about for months now. However, it was crucial to me that going forwards my treatments were carried out by someone extremely skilled in their field that would complete both the dissolving and refilling for me quickly and professionally. 

I came across Jodie at Signature Skin on social media and was instantly impressed with her work. As a previous dental nurse, she had medical qualifications and was experienced in injecting. After speaking to her briefly and seeing her previous work, as well as knowing of some of her regular clients, I booked in straight away!


Like I mentioned above, I had no clue what to expect when it came to having my lips dissolved but I was definitely thinking the worst. I remember feeling sick with anxiety as I genuinely thought the filler would be drawn out bit by bit via needle or squeezed out. Lesson of the day, don’t trust everything you see online! 

Luckily, this was not the case at all and the process was extremely quick and simple. Jodie explained the procedure to me and her friendly nature put me at ease immediately. Firstly numbing cream was applied to my lips to numb the area and reduce the pain felt during the injections. A liquid called Hyaluronidase was then injected into my top lip and just above my lip where most of the filler had migrated. This caused my lips to swell slightly due to the excess fluid in my lips but within 2-3 hours the filler had completely dissolved. 

I was so impressed - I genuinely can’t believe that the results were so quick and easy. I’d highly advise anyone thinking of dissolving their lips to go for it - don’t listen to what you’ve read - if you’ve had lip filler it’s just as simple and quick!

After a week of absolutely no lips whatsoever (not a good look), it was finally time to have my lips filled! I was so excited. I have seen so many good results from the Russian lip technique and it is definitely the technique that provides the look I love, a flat but pulled up, defined lip!

Jodie advised that it is best to build the lips up slowly over time to create the best shape. The lips swell quickly so injecting a lot of filler initially can prevent the shape being as strong/defined. We opted for 0.6ml and decided to book me in for another 0.6ml after 6 weeks or so.

We also added the tiniest bit of Botox above my lip to relax the muscles and flip my lip, meaning that my lips will remain full when I smile and there will be no swelling or migration above my lips.

I am so so happy with my results. My lips are finally full and shapely without having the swollen “duck” lip look. I can’t thank Jodie enough for helping me to achieve the results I have always wanted!



Signature Skin is home-based in Worsley. For more information or to book in, contact Jodie on her Instagram here.


Thank you so much again to Jodie for helping me to achieve my dream lips! I am obsessed ❤️

*please note that this is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are my own and are not affiliated with Signature Skin.

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