Saturday, 6 November 2021

Saorsa Cosmetics: Self-Tanning Mousse

Set up by Jennifer Boídheach in 2020 in Glasgow, Saorsa Cosmetics was a business plan aiming to enable Jennifer to provide a better life for her family whilst having the opportunity to spend more time with them. ‘Saorsa’ is Scottish Gaelic for freedom, a concept that describes the purpose of the business.

Saorsa are also both vegan & cruelty free, meaning that all products are not derived from animal substances and are also not tested on animals. In addition, Saorsa are an eco-conscious brand ensuring that all packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly. A percentage of proceeds from each sale at Saorsa is donated to worldwide projects which help communities, animals and the environment. 


I was kindly gifted the Self-Tanning mousse. As a self-confessed pale Gail, I’ve tried probably most tans on the market so I was intrigued to see how this married up against its competitors.

The first thing I loved is that not only can you choose the shade of tan, but also the scent. The worst thing about some tan products is the biscuit smell so I love that you can choose a scent preferable to you.

Scents include:

Baby Powder

- Cherry

- Chocolate

- Melon

- Strawberry

I opted for Shade Extra Dark & a Chocolate scent. As I’m quite pale and enjoy a deep tan, I would probably get Ultra Dark next time as I know that tan products work with your skin tone so I need that extra help to be tanned!

The scent is gorgeous - it’s very subtle which I like. I would definitely recommend the Chocolate scent!

Saorsa also provide a velvet tanning mitt which is the BOMB! Honestly I will never use anything else now. The tab glides on so smoothly and evenly and the mitt feels really luxurious on your skin. I am hooked!

For more information or to shop, visit their website or Instagram.


Thank you so much to Saorsa for gifting me your amazing products. I love everything you stand for as a business and your tan is honestly incredible.

Thanks also to Sintillate Talent for setting this up!

*Please note that although this post is sponsored, all views and opinions are my own and are in no way affiliated with the views of Saorsa or Sintillate Talent.


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