Friday, 28 May 2021

YOURS Restaurant & Bar


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of brand new restaurant, Yours. Based in the centre of Manchester, on busy Deansgate, Yours is a cosmopolitan hot-spot serving Asian fusion dishes and an array of cocktails.

We were invited to sample their new menu with a selection of dishes, across five courses, plus dessert. I personally loved that there was a set menu as it made me try new dishes that I probably wouldn't have chosen myself.


To start we were given these amazing Seaweed Crisps. They are an amazing starter to nibble on whilst you wait for other dishes to arrive.

Wow. These crisps were amazing - I could literally sit and eat a whole bag. They really need to be sold in shops is all I will say - so yummy! The kimchi mayo was the perfect dip - I really enjoyed it.

The first course consisted of a selection of sushi rolls, including:
- tuna tartare, cucumber, pomegranate, caviar
- salt'n'pepper salmon belly, sour plum, purple perilla
- tempura prawn, asparagus, cucumber, tobiko

Sushi is a favourite of mine - it's perfect for any occasion and so yummy. I particularly enjoyed the tempura prawn sushi (I order this everywhere I go) but the other two were equally as delicious. I liked the concept of the salt'n'pepper salmon and loved the presentation too!

Nothing beats a burger and these mini sliders were the perfect size for a sharer plate. The wagyu beef was incredible and the hint of kimchi and cheese combined was perfection. I would highly recommend the truffle fries with this.

For the third course we were served these two dishes at once. 

The Satay Chicken was served on a skewer with pak choy and crispy rice noodles. This dish was divine. The satay sauce was a gorgeous peanut flavour but didn't overpower the other flavours. The chicken was really succulent and the pak choy complimented the dish really nicely.

The Grilled Tofu was served with charred broccoli and green apple with a maple and miso dressing. The dressing was incredible - I need the recipe to add to all my veg! The greens were cooked perfectly, due to being char-grilled on a fire, leaving them crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. I'm not a massive fan of tofu personally but I did enjoy this dish and would recommend it for any veggie friends!

However, out of the two the satay chicken was definitely my favourite!

Next up was another two dishes.

The Beef Fillet was served with shiitake ketchup, baby onion salsa and burnt cucumber. The beef was really high quality and full of flavour. It was really nice to have a dip as opposed to a full sauce. The flavours really complimented the beef.

I would have had the beef slightly rarer but serving a large amount of people a set menu would have made it difficult to specify each person's preferences. When ordering from the normal menu, you will be able to ask for the beef cooked to your liking. 

The Roasted Cauliflower was seasoned with garlic and chilli, which gave a spicy kick. I'm not usually one for lots of cauliflower but this dish was gorgeous and the perfect addition to a main plate.

I was far too full when it got to this final course and I couldn't fit any more (savoury) food in so I gave this one a pass. However, my friends said it was lovely and full of flavour. I absolutely loved the presentation of this - it was really colourful and eye catching!

For dessert, we had the opportunity to sample two dishes. The first thing that struck me was how beautifully presented both were.

The Chocolate Tart consisted of a dark chocolate cake served with raspberries, manuka honey, thyme and yoghurt ice cream. Wow. This dessert was exceptional. If you're a chocolate lover then you'll really love this! The consistency was perfect. The raspberries were also a lovely touch as it added a different flavour into the mix. I thoroughly enjoyed this and would highly recommend it.

Next up was the Strawberries and Cream, served 'Your Way', with yuzu curd and almond nougatine. This was like nothing I have ever had before. The tip was to get something different on your spoon for each mouthful, meaning the flavours were new and unique each time. It was absolutely gorgeous and again, 10/10 presentation!


Guests were also provided with unlimited drinks from a set menu, including virgin cocktails, alcoholic cocktails, wine and prosecco, as well as beer.

I mainly drank prosecco throughout the evening but I did try this gorgeous cocktail above called Yuzu Crazy. Based on a lemon meringue, this drink contained Limoncello, Yuzushu, Lemon & Vanilla. I can confirm that it was absolute heaven. It was very rich so maybe not one to drink all evening but a gorgeous cocktail to have one or two of!


Yours is located at:
82 Deansgate
M3 2ER

For more information or bookings, visit their Instagram or their website.


Thank you so much for having me. I absolutely loved visiting your restaurant and cannot wait to return very soon!

*Please note that although this was a PR visit, all views and opinions are my own.


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