Sunday, 7 March 2021

Scentsational Beauty: Olaplex & Moroccan Oil

Scentsational is a modern online supplier of beauty products internationally for both men and women. As an online retailer, many of the products are discounted - allowing you to buy high quality, popular products without the designer price tag!  I love this as it means that products are accessible to a wider audience.

There are a wide array of different products: perfume, hair products, skincare and cosmetics (amongst many others) as well as a variety of great brands. 

I opted to try Olaplex and Moroccan Oil, two brands I’ve heard endless positives about!

I’ve heard great things about Olaplex, particularly that it is a salon endorsed product, so I was so excited at the prospect of finally trying it. I opted for the Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner - products specifically designed to repair the root bonds and prevent breakage.

Since bleaching my hair, I’ve found that I’ve really had to look after it a lot more as the ends can get really dry. I usually have to use quite a lot of conditioner or hair masks to keep it feeling soft and protected. I was really impressed with the Olaplex conditioner as I used a small amount and it left my hair feeling just as soft as when I use tonnes of other conditioners!

The shampoo was also really good, in my opinion. It lathered really easily and I felt, again, that a small amount went a long way. I was really impressed with how little product was needed to achieve great results and my hair has been left feeling soft and silky!

Again, I’ve heard great things about the Moroccan Oil hair products. I chose the Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil and I can honestly say I love it!

The first thing I love is that is has a number of uses so it’s amazing value for money. It can be used on wet hair as a detangler, on wet or dry hair at the ends to prevent breakage or as a styling product to keep at bay any unruly hairs! It would be really good to use to slick back your hair.

One thing I noticed was how luxurious it felt. There was no oily element and it didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy. 


I would highly recommend both the Olaplex and Moroccan Oil products. They are definitely great value for money and worth spending a little more than other high street brands to ensure a high quality product.

Scentsational also offers an amazing service with fabulous discounts available, making the products even more affordable!

To shop, click here.


Thank you so much again to Scentsational Beauty for gifting me these amazing products.


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