Tuesday, 15 December 2020

2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Her


Is it just me or does anyone else much prefer giving gifts at Christmas? I just don't think you can beat selecting a gift for someone and seeing their face when they open it and love it!

If you're struggling for ideas for her, I've put together a list of 10 gift ideas for her - all for under £40! Whether you're exchanging for a Secret Santa or you're after a stocking filler, these gifts will all be the perfect addition this year.


I honestly don't think there'll be a day where I don't rave about this brand. It is just everything. The lashes are such high quality and can be reworn so many times because of this, making them amazing value for money. I also think the packaging is just out of this world - PLL go the extra mile to ensure their lashes stand out from the crowd and the ribbon boxed package is a testament to this!

All lashes are just £10 which is an amazing price for the quality. I think these lashes are a gorgeous idea for a Christmas wrap up. Treat her to a few different styles or buy just one pair as a stocking filler!

The style pictured above are 'Amethyst' which are my favourite pair of lashes from PLL. They are a wispy dream!

To read more about the brand, click here. To shop, click here.

Scentful is an amazing concept - a monthly subscription delivering popular designer perfume samples directly to your doorstep. If you're looking for a new scent, this is the perfect way to try new perfumes without even having to leave the comfort your home.

From just £11.95 per month, this is so reasonably priced. I think this would be a perfect stocking filler/ little wrap up for a female loved one. The packaging is gorgeous - a black box with a rose gold engraved logo - it gives off such a luxurious, expensive feel.

To read more about Scentful, click here to read my blog post. To shop, click here.

Another great gift idea for women is skincare. You can't go wrong! Canuki sell the most incredible skincare collection, including a Cell Repair Face Mask, Liquid Gold Facial Oil & Face Roller.

Canuki uses what is called CBD topicals in their products. This means that the topicals are absorbed in through the skin, rather than the digestive system, providing longer-lasting effects. Topical cannabinoids (or CBD) are proven to be extremely effective in reducing acne, providing smoother and healthier skin with a balanced oil level.

The face mask smells of peppermint and is just heaven. I also love the facial oil and roller (the roller has small spikes on that create minuscule punctures in the skin which promote collagen and elastin production. My skin was so glowy after using these three products - I noticed an immediate difference!

Canuki also sell CBD infused bath bombs and bath salts.

To read more, click here. To shop, click here.


I just don't think anything beats candles. It makes me feel so cosy - especially throughout the winter! Sassy Shop Wax make the most amazing wax melts and have a wide variety of scents available. The bars are just £2.90 to buy which is amazing value. You also only need 2 pieces of the wax bar on your burner and the approximate burn time is around 12 hours in total. 

I adore the design - the colours and glitter make them cute and girly. They look so good they almost look edible! With scents perfect for winter through to summer, using a wide variety of ingredients, there's a wax melt for every person and every occasion! 

Sassy Shop also sell wax burners so treat your loved one to a few bars & a burner for the cutest Christmas gift! To shop, click here.

What’s better than a box filled with goodies for a gift?! I personally love a hamper style gift with lots of different wrap ups and this is what my friends and I tend to do regularly for gifts so The Beguile Beauty Box is perfect!

Each month Beguile puts together a box of 4-5 products ranging from makeup to skincare with a range of designer brands. Previous boxes have included Giorgio Armani, Estée Lauder & Inglot.

You can purchase the Beguile box as a subscription or as a one off. To read more about Beguile, click here. To shop, click here.

I'm sorry but can you beat your car smelling good?! That feeling when you get into the car and it smells fresh is just up there. Carfume enable you to have your favourite fragrance in your car with the cutest crystal design! You can choose from a variety of colours, including red, pink and black crystals. There is also an option for a matte crystal which is perfect for men too!

From fragrances such as Flowerbomb, Alien and Black Orchid, there's a fragrance for everyone. I've tried the Flowerbomb carfume and it is honestly amazing! From just £9.99 you can't beat it!

To shop, click here

Makeup brushes are another great idea for a Christmas gift. I adore these Beauti Edit brushes! Known as the 'Essential Six', this set includes every brush needed for your makeup bag. From powder and bronzer, to the perfect angled eyebrow brush... This set has got you covered!

Worth £60 if purchased separately, you can get all 6 for just £35. I love the simplistic design which makes them look really classy and expensive!

To shop, click here.

Another great wrap up gift is jewellery! I personally adore this LV inspired necklace from JT The Jeweller. It comes with two chains, an 18” and 24”, meaning you can layer your necklace if you want to. The padlock also comes with a set of keys so it can be used for other purposes, for example securing your luggage! I love that this piece is so versatile and I think it’s so in trend right now.

To shop, click here.

There's one thing for sure - you can never have too many lip glosses! Aura Cosmetics is a small UK based business that produces amazing lip glosses in a variety of colours. Using a new long lasting formula, this gloss will stay on throughout your festive celebrations!

To shop, click here.

As I said above, jewellery is a great wrap up gift and what better than a gorgeous pair of earrings?! I adore Prizm Collection Jewellery - they are a fab small UK business providing fashion jewellery in some beautiful styles. From statement pieces to more subtle earrings, there’s something for everyone!

I’ve had around 5/6 pairs of jewellery from Prizm now and have never been disappointed. I’ve received so many compliments on them also!

To shop, click here.


So there you have my 2020 mini Christmas gift guide for her! If you buy any of the above brands, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas
M xxx

*Please note that I have worked with all of the above brands in a professional capacity previously but all views and opinions in this blog are my own.

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