Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Robusto Luggage


Robusto is a luggage company providing high quality but affordable suitcases, making their brand accessible to all. Their cases range from carry-on styles, to medium or larger suitcases providing an option suitable for your needs. Their hard shell suitcases have been described as "Robusto by name, robust by nature" due to the strong polypropylene material used, making the cases hard wearing and long lasting.

I feel that Robusto have some really innovative additions to their luggage which make them stand out from competitors. One of them being the tamper proof zipper which prevents the zip being unlocked easily. A little known fact is that someone can easily gain access to the items in your suitcase with a ball-point pen or similar object. The tamper proof zipper ensures that your luggage and contents are safe and secure. This, combined with the integrated number lock ensures full security of your items.

Robusto also provide a 5 year warranty on all cases purchased which ensures that all customers are happy with the quality of their cases, not just when initially received but over time too.


I opted for the 'Roma Black Carry-On Case' as this size is perfect for me when going away for the weekend or travelling lighter for a city break. I thought that the black looked super classy and I felt that the simplicity of the design added to this. 

This case is fitted with 360 degree spin wheels which means that you can just push your case in any direction rather than having to pull it along with you. As a girl this is great as although I try to pack light, let's be honest, I definitely over pack so my case can usually get quite heavy. It's also extremely lightweight which I love, which surprised me especially since it is a hard shell case.


I sadly haven't been able to go away this year but this case has already been perfect for several overnight trips I've had in the UK. I am really impressed with the product and would recommend this company to anyone looking for a sturdy and affordable suitcase.

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