Thursday, 19 March 2020

SNIPH: A personalised perfume journey

Perfume is such a personal product with each person attracted to different scents and smells. This is why, when Sniph contacted me about their products, I was really keen to try them out.

Sniph is an independent perfume brand founded in Sweden that aims to provide a stress-free experience and assist customers in finding the perfect scent for them. Sniph offers a personalised service where scents are individually suited to each customer based on their preferences. 

This is completed in the form of a 'Scent Quiz' where customers can answer questions such as 'What is your favourite drink' or 'Where would you like to smell especially nice'. This quiz helps to ascertain the strength of the perfume you'd like as well as what tones you would prefer in your scent. You also have the opportunity to input your favourite perfumes to back up the quiz.

The quiz will then provide a result of which scent Sniph would recommend for you and provide you with the option to buy.


My recommended scent was CALE; a light, fruity fragrance witha combination of apple, lime and cedarwood. Part of the 'Trending Now' collection, this scent includes a mixture of smells from new, popular designer perfumes which will not disappoint.

You also receive a perfume holder, which I selected in this gorgeous Rose Gold colour. It looks so classy and expensive and keeps the glass bottle safe from breakage.


Sniph also offers the option to have a personalised monthly package delivered so that you can try out new fragrances each month. From just £14, you can choose the collection best suited to you and discover a variety of perfumes on a monthly basis, without commitments.

My favourite scent definitely has to be Guaria Morada from the 'BERDOUES' collection. It is a light, feminine, fragrant scent which is perfect for everyday wear.


To learn more about the brand, visit their website by clicking here.

Alternatively, visit their Instagram page (@Sniph).


I love the concept of Sniph and can't wait to try out new scents in the coming months!

For money off, use code MARIANNE25 at the checkout.

I hope you love the scents as much as I do!


*Please note that although this post is sponsored, all views and opinions are my own.

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