Tuesday, 10 December 2019

'Tackle Drink Driving this Festive Season'

Are you a potential designated driver this Christmas? There's no need for you to feel left out and stay at home thanks to Greene King pubs special offer!

Did you know that 1 in 2 UK drivers (approximately 53% of people) decide to drive after consuming alcohol? Did you know that 43% of UK drink drivers find at least one situation where driving under the influence of alcohol is acceptable?  These statistics are so concerning, particularly with the upcoming month filled with festivities and celebrations. This isn't a post aimed at making you feel bad or to pinpoint blame but to raise awareness of this campaign and the important message behind it.

For the tenth year running, Greene King pubs have teamed up with Coca-Cola to try and combat drink driving during this time by offering alcohol free alternatives. This year, there has been an exciting addition to the team - Heineken - who will be offering their alcohol free beers in all Greene King pubs (and a money-saving incentive in the form of vouchers). 

Cindy Tervoot, Managing Director of Heineken stated, "We are really proud to be part of this initiative with Greene King and to be able to offer Heineken® 0.0 to a growing consumer demographic during the festive period". The introduction of Heineken® 0.0 provides a wider choice to designated drivers, with the alcohol free beer, served in the usual beer bottle, making them feel more involved in festivities.

So, what exactly is the deal?

Designated drivers can redeem a buy one, get one free voucher when they show their car keys at the bar. 

There are around 1,600 Greene King pubs in the UK offering this deal which is available until 1 January 2020 (last orders). To find your local Greene King pub, click here.


I think this is a brilliant campaign and a great way to tackle such an important issue. It is really positive to know that the estimated number of drink driving related incidents has fallen by 71% and I think campaigns like this really help to raise awareness.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

*All statistics taken from a survey conducted by Heineken.
*Please note that although this is a sponsored post, all opinions cited are my own.

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