Saturday, 14 December 2019

An evening with South Manny Flavas

This week I was kindly invited down to Impossible to taste the menu of South Manny Flavaz. Founded in 2017 by Aaron Tran, South Manny Flavaz aim to provide an international menu with a variety of spices and flavours.

We opted for a variety of small plates so that we could properly sample the menu and the type of food that they provide.

We ordered the following:
- Trio of Prawns
- Crispy Chicken Selects
- Halloumi Bites
- Sticky Beef Wraps
- Chilli Crusted Tofu (ve)
- Salt and Pepper Chips (ve)

Sticky Beef Wraps (left), Trio of Prawns (right)

My two favourites by far were the Sticky Beef Wraps and the Trio of Prawns. The beef was marinated in a really tasty sauce and the lettuce alternative to bread made it less heavy as a plate. The prawns were also delicious. I particularly loved the Prawn Wontons. The serving sauce really complimented them and added further flavour.

I thought that the menu was really varied and provided an option for everyone, including Gluten Free & Vegan options. There were a range of small plates, sides, sharing dishes and larger plates. All meat served is also Halal.


South Manny Flavaz are currently based at:
Impossible Manchester
36 Peter Street
M2 5GP

For more information, visit their website by clicking here or follow them on Instagram (@southmannyflavaz).


Thank you so much for your hospitality. I can't wait to return soon!

*Please note that although this post is sponsored, all views and opinions are my own.

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