Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Flight Club Darts, MCR

On Friday evening I was invited to visit one of Manchester's new hot spots, Flight Club. Located on King Street, this bar/restaurant adds an exciting new vibe to the city. With no where else offering social darts, Flight Club has revolutionised the city's nightlife.


*Picture property of Flight Club

Upon arrival, I was amazed by the decor. I can only describe that I felt like I was in a huge fairground with lots of red and white, bright lights and circular furniture. We made our way to the 'Check In' point, where we were greeted by staff who confirmed our booking and led us to our own private booth.

The booth was equipped with leather seating; two bar-like tables; a touch screen to navigate the games; a dart board and a flat screen TV that linked in with the touch screen and displayed the games in a larger picture. The TV and touch screen worked hand in hand, displaying whose turn it was, scores and also the game itself. We were provided with a 90 minute slot where we could play as many games as we could within that time. 

I've personally never played darts before and I don't have much background knowledge on it (other than the standard rule that you throw the dart at the board) so I was excited as I didn't know what to expect. There were several different games available including Demolition (an aim to hit the highest numbers throughout and land on 0 first), Killer (a game where you can knock other players out) as well as Snakes and Ladders. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and interactive the games were and, as 3 girls attending, we really enjoyed it. There was also a DJ playing music throughout the night, including R&B, hip hop and old school dance.



Drinks wise, we started with the Strawberry Slush which was amazing. It contained Vodka and Tequila aswell as the Slush but non-alcoholic versions were available. I liked that this drink was really sweet and it added to the 'Fairgound' theme. We were then brought a bottle of Prosecco which was lovely and I particularly loved the glasses.


We also tried two of their rustic pizzas and were given a variety of choices to choose from. We opted for a BBQ Chicken pizza and a Margarita - you can't go wrong with a cheesy pizza! The pizzas were served on wooden boards which was a lovely touch and they were delicious. There was probably too much food between 3 of us as they were on the larger side. Plus, we were drinking too so we weren't looking to eat too much. However, if you were wanting to visit and eat, one pizza each would be the perfect amount.


Flight Club is located at:
Ship Canal House,
98 King Street
M2 4WU

You can find out more on their website (click here).


I couldn't rate Flight Club more highly. I absolutely love the concept and it adds something different to the Manchester nightlife scene. This is suitable for any gender and is so much fun. Flight Club would be the perfect place for a date, a few drinks with the lads or a girls night. I would highly recommend and already can't wait to visit again!

Special shout out to Flight Club for your amazing hospitality and to Viper for sorting such a fun evening!

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