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2018: A year in review (pt. 1)

So, I know I'm a few days late, I've been nursing a killer chest infection (Happy 2019 to me). I wanted to start 2019 first with a reflection of the past year. Firstly, Happy New Year! I can't actually believe we are in 2019 already. I feel like I blinked and 2018 was over but overall, it was a pretty amazing year for me.

I didn't actually realise just HOW much I did in 2018 before looking back through all of my pictures so I will be splitting this into two posts.

Here's part 1 of my 2018 in review. Grab a hot drink and lots of snacks - enjoy!


January for me was a bit of a blur. I have the worst memory when it comes to remembering significant things and dates/details, yet I seem to remember minor ridiculous things that I would never ever need to know. Anyone else, orrrr just me?

January for me signified a huge new start. I finally agreed to an opportunity that has changed my life and will continue to (more significantly going forward) change my life. My outlook on life changed massively since starting this business. I became more positive about life in general but also within myself and my own abilities. I didn't care what people thought about the fact I wasn't going to work in a 'traditional' job anymore, even though for 4 years of my life I worked within 2 of the largest law firms in the UK. I knew that this opportunity would give me the means and flexibility to live my life going forwards how I wanted to. So I said yes. One simple word, a HUGE impact.

February was a particularly busy month for me in terms of blog events. These events genuinely seem like yesterday - they were so fun. I was approached by GO:PR (formerly Ledigo PR) with regards to blogging their events and after a quick look at their page, I immediately said yes. Steph and Lianne work so hard and are amazing at what they do and I have attended so many amazing events thanks to them, which all kicked off in February!

The first event I went to was the celebration of medical company Akea Life's first birthday. Held at the Bentley Showroom in Knutsford, this is where I met Steph and Lianne for the first time in person and we clicked so well. Due to the event itself and meeting them, I knew I would love working together. To read about this event click here.

Next up was the Kebab & Whisky night. Held at Asha's restaurant on Peter Street in Manchester, a select few of us had the chance to sample the new summer menu whilst learning about the history of Bruichladdich whisky, as well as trying a different type of whisky with each dish. This night was so fun. The food was out of this world, the people were amazing, the whisky was... strong. I loved every second & felt privileged to be able to attend such a fabulous event. To read about this event click here.

Two days later saw the launch of Asha's Bollywood Bar, the first of its kind in Manchester. We had the opportunity to sample their cocktail menu and enjoy the swanky surroundings. To read about this event click here. One of the things I love most about the two Asha's events is that is introduced me to two of my close friends and firmed friendships that were already loosely in place and I am so grateful for these friendships today!

I also attended an event for the amazing company IQOS, an innovative solution to smoking. IQOS provides a method of burning tobacco without the use of posionous and dangerous chemicals, making it safer and much more human friendly. Founded by Philip Morris, this company has grown from strength to strength and it was a pleasure to attend their initial Manchester event at Neighbourhood to learn more about the product. To read about this event click here.

Finally, I attended the launch of new Skincare brand Juvenat. Founded by one of my now best friends, David Fiaini, Juvenat is an amazing natural brand. I love the simplicity of the packaging and the quality of the products! This launch was intimate and lovely, held upstairs at The Living Room on Deansgate.  To read about this event click here.

For me, March was a loooot of eating, drinking and events. The month started with a (very snowy) night out to celebrate Viper's event, Le Beat Tropique, at Mahiki. Hawaiian themed, this night was so much fun (although looking back, I don't remember too much of it). My main memory of this night was that several people popped up and asked if my selfie was with Justin Bieber. Close, but not quite.

The Monday after, I attended an amazing event at The Laundrette. This had just opened at the newly fitted First Street and since I'd heard about it in Chorlton, it was a chain I always wanted to visit. Think Neon lit signs, candyfloss cocktails and chocolate covered strawberries; this night was everything I expected from The Laundrette and more. Hosted by the amazing GO:PR, I knew the night was set to be a success. To read about this event click here.

The same week, I attended the private afterparty for Tanya Bardsley's brand launch at House of Fraser. Held at Neighbourhood, this event wasn't like any other I've ever attended as ITV were filming for The Real Housewives of Cheshire. I somehow was approached and asked if I was happy to be filmed and made an appearance several times that episode. (The red blazer definitely did it). I took no photos that night (save for my outfit picture) as the show was not airing until May so everything was very hush hush and no photos could be uploaded from the evening in case of a spoiler for the show.

On Saturday 10 March I was invited to visit a new Taiwanese cafe called Dazzling Cafe, which I happily accepted. Their Instagram page was filled with the most divine looking desserts - I couldn't say no. I was not disappointed. The food and drinks were out of this world and the decor was amazing! To read more, click here.

Later that night, we held the first shoot for gymwear company Mike November (ironic that I'd spent the day stuffing my face). This was such a fun shoot. Held in a gym, we tried to incorporate fun and fitness into the shots to add something a little different than the usual plain background shots. To read all about the company, click here.

The Sunday was Mothers' Day so I treated my lovely Mum to a day out at Menagerie in Spinningfields. We enjoyed their Bottomless Drinks offer and a lovely meal, whilst taking in the surroundings and watching the aerial dancing for entertainment. My Mum had never been to Menagerie before but she absolutely loved it so it was all worth it!

I also had the pleasure of attending two more GO:PR events: the launch of Neon Health Cafe in Wilmslow and a celebration for Opulent Travel Services at Victors in Hale. To read about the Neon event click here and to read about the Opulent event click here.

March was significant for me business wise as I attended one of my biggest business events to date. Held at Winstanley Hotel in Leicester, we had a full day of intense training on how to maximise our business through social media. This included the 'dos' and 'don'ts' and featured a number of very successful business partners sharing their success stories and tips. This day changed everything for me because it is when I realised that I had to make a go of this business.

April was a great month for me, particularly in terms of travel as I had two amazing trips. The month started with a great event seeing the launch of new cocktail bar, Vesper. Located where Liquorice Bar used to be, just off King Street, Vesper is a lovely space to grab a drink and have a catch up with friends. I loved the green decor and the hanging plants! I also attended the lovely JSky's birthday at 20 Stories and Club Liv. This was such a great night with friends, as always!

I then set off for Riga in Latvia, my Mum's birthday treat from me. We decided we wanted to try somewhere completely different so Eastern Europe seemed a good choice. I'd heard great things about Riga and I wasn't disappointed. Although there was maybe less to see than in other cities, it was a lovely weekend and we enjoyed strolling around taking in the culture. One of my favourite parts of the trip was definitely the view of the city from the Science Academy Building which provided 360 degree views. We managed to catch the sunset here and it was breathtaking.

My final trip was an exciting one and was for my business' annual Success Summit. This year was held in MarbellaMarbella was an amazing experience and a huge eye opener for me. It really secured my faith in the business and I knew that this was all I ever wanted to do. Each day consisted of a conference held at the National Conference Centre where we heard success stories and tips from The company put on a number of events for us in the evening too including a Gala Dinner & White Party held at Nobu where they hired out the whole club solely for us. It was so fun to meet so many new people and from this trip I've genuinely made friends for life.

When I got back from Marbella at the end of April, I attended the long awaited launch of 23 Peter Street's Ocean Treasure. Located above its sister restaurant, Sakana, Ocean Treasure provides amazing Chinese delicacies and I can confirm they were amazing from the launch food! This event was run by Lyn of The Edge Events and was a great success. To read about this event click here.

May began as quite a tedious month for me as the looming pressure of exams finally came round. However I did take a break to attend the amazing Steph Ledigo's birthday bash at Neighbourhood Manchester. This consisted of alcohol, bottomless brunch and, you guessed it, more alcohol. Hannah and I lasted approximately 5 hours and had to go home to bed around 5pm (embarrassments). The event was amazing though - an all pink theme, everything was so cute including the pink donut wall and pink sweets! To read about this event, click here.

After the exams were over I flew straight to Marbella for 5 days of sun with one of my best friends. With neither of us ever having been before, we both were unsure what to expect but it was genuinely one of the best holidays I've been on to date.

I just don't think you can beat waking up each day, getting into a nice swimsuit and spending the day at a pool party. Followed by a good nap and a night out that night. It was bliss. Although the hangovers weren't...

I was pleasantly surprised because I think there is always the impression that Marbella is the most pretentious place on earth. Don't get me wrong, there were stuck up people - there is everywhere - but there were no more than any other place I've been or even in Manchester! The majority of girls were so friendly and everyone just wanted a good time. It was actually refreshing. If anything, it was the boys that were more pretentious which was funny!

We went to three pool parties when we were there: Sisu, Ocean Beach and La Sala by the Sea. Sisu was by far my favourite as it was the smallest and we even visited again the day before we left (even though we were supposed to be having a relaxing pool day). To see my pool party outfits, click here.

I also had the opportunity to attend an amazing rooftop bar/restaurant in Puerto Banus called BLEND as a blogger which was amazing as I've never had the chance to officially blog for a company overseas. This was an amazing night and the food was out of this world. To read about the evening, click here.

We have so many funny memories from this holiday and I cannot wait to visit again in 2019!

June was slightly quieter than normal for me as I'd just got back from Marbella and was preparing to go to Vietnam in July. I spent a lot of time relaxing, catching up with family and friends and enjoying the sunny weather in the garden. However, I did also have quite a few fun moments this month too!

I took a trip to London with some of my business besties and we enjoyed a lovely catch up at The Sanderson hotel - the most unreal hotel for decor but maybe not the best for the cocktails. I got a cocktail trio and I didn't like any of mine sadly. At night we went to a Coyote Ugly style bar which was so much fun.

The weekend after was Parklife which is always eventful. Surprisingly, the weather was pretty decent. The Saturday was warm and sunny all day and we enjoyed dry weather until around 6pm on the Sunday when I then turned into a drowned rat.

I managed to see the Queen B herself perform alongside Jay Z at Ethiad Stadium which was incredible. I can't find the words to even sum this up! I also celebrated one of my Mum's longest friends getting married which was a really lovely day.


I can't believe I had so much to say about just the first 6 months of 2018. It was a fab 6 months and I've got so many amazing memories. To everyone who made these first 6 months so great, thank you!

I can't wait to share Part 2 with you soon.



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