Monday, 24 December 2018

Blogmas #22: Dunham Massey's Christmas Lights Event

Last night I visited Dunham Massey for their Christmas Lights event. Set in the beautiful grounds, it was evident that a lot of hard work, time and effort had gone into organising this event as everywhere you turned was a festive themed light show.

It is really hard to show just how pretty this actually was by pictures as the pictures just do not do it justice. It would probably also help if I didn't drop my phone 12 times a day too but that's another story.



We arrived earlier than our booked slot so we enjoyed a hot drink in the cafe and a quick look around before it was time to start the trail. There was the cutest light tree by the cafe where guests could write a personal message and hang for others to read. I thought this was really cute - some of the messages were lovely!

We then proceeded the walk to the entrance of the trail. I'd say this took around 5-10 minutes but there were lots of cute attractions on the way. This building was gorgeous - I definitely want to visit in the summer to see the grounds in the daylight.


Once we had scanned our tickets, it was time to start the trail. The whole thing took around 45 minutes to an hour as we took our time and enjoyed each part (and I took pictures of absolutely everything). Here are some photos I took on the trail.


Towards the end, there was the cutest little area where you could buy marshmallows and toast them on an open fire. 


The marshmallows were £1.50 each and you could buy a flavour of your choice including Hot Chocolate, Raspberry & Champagne and many more. This was lovely and definitely made me feel so festive.

 This was the walk way to get out of the light trail which was so cute. You had to physically walk through this bridge filled with hanging lights that changed colour every few seconds. This was a real feature.


I had such a lovely evening at Dunham Massey. I would like to try and go each year as it is the cutest place and I loved the light displays. If you've been or are going, I hope you love it as much as I did.


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