Sunday, 23 December 2018

Blogmas #21: My favourite red lipstick

I haven't really done any beauty themed blogs in a long time so I wanted to talk about one of my favourite products in particular; my Powerlips liquid lipsticks.

Christmas is the best time, in my opinion, to wear a red lip. It is so festive and looks amazing. I'm not one to wear a red lip a lot - I prefer heavier eyes and a nude lip. However, towards Christmas time I do love the red lip look.

Earlier this year, I came across my new favourite lipsticks. As an avid makeup lover, I have tried numerous brands. I love to buy and test new brands as they come onto the market or when a new product is released. I've personally found myself having to constantly reapply my lipstick all day or night when wearing one and, particularly with red, it isn't a good look when you've only got half your lipstick still on!

The Powerlips range consists of 10 colours, including 3 reds (a bright red, dark red and a metallic red). I am obsessed with the bright red lip. I don't particularly suit the other two all that much due to my skin tone but I love the bright colour. I now wear my Powerlips liquid lipsticks every single day without fail - they are my makeup essential!

One of my favourite things about the Powerlips lipsticks are firstly, that they are liquid lipsticks. I find liquid lipsticks much easier to apply than a normal lipstick - they tend to just glide on your lips easier. I've found however, with some matte liquid lipsticks that my lips end up feeling really dry and flaky when wearing them so I'm constantly reapplying more product to make my lips less dry (or try to). 

With the Powerlips liquid lipsticks, there is no need to reapply at all. They contain avocado oil which prevents them from drying out your lips. They also don't come off so you can go a whole day at work or a full night out without the need to reapply. Finally, they don't smudge onto your glass! I love a gloss so much at the moment but it isn't a good look when you've got makeup all round your glass!


The Powerlips red, Roar, is so striking and I always receive so many compliments when wearing it.


For more information about the Powerlips range, pop me a message on my Instagram (@xthelifeofm) or by email ( and I can happily send over more information including prices and how to purchase them.


If you've tried the range, how did you find them?


*Please note that although this is a sponsored post, all views and opinions are my own.

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