Thursday, 20 December 2018

Blogmas #18: Festive day with Gabby (pt. 2)

Yesterday, Gabby & I had our second festive day (as promised). It was actually a really cold day in Manchester so it definitely felt Christmassy, particularly with what we got up to!


Our first stop, the Ice Cavern. This is something that we've been talking about visiting for soooo long - we've had quite a few friends sing its praises so we knew this had to be on our list of festive activities!

We picked up our tickets from the Box Office outside and we were ready to go! I loved this little walkway into the cavern - the trees and greenery added to the festive feel even before you'd entered. Such a nice touch.

Located in the Ice Village by the Football Museum in Manchester, the Ice Cavern consists of a number of festive ice sculptures that you can admire. I'm not going to lie, they were so good - whoever made them is very very talented. They were amazing.


My favourite was definitely the Santa and Rudolph at the end but they were all incredible .The intricate details of them were insane.


Towards the end of the cavern was an Ice Bar where you could enjoy festive drinks, such as hot chocolate or mulled wine. We opted for a mulled wine and it was lovely to have a warm drink in the -10 temperatures!

At the very end of the cavern was a living room style set up with a fire and two armchairs that you could sit and have your picture taken on. Thankfully, there were cushions on for you to sit on but I'm not sure it made much difference - they were freezing!!

The Ice Cavern was really good and I would definitely recommend it. This is perfect if you have young children or, if you just want to do something wintery and get into the Christmas spirit! Although it only took around 15-20 minutes in total, it was enough to see everything and take it all in - as well as temperature wise! I don't think I could have sustained the -10 temperature for much longer.


Next stop, food. Neither of us had eaten and somehow it had gotten to past half 2 so we were so hungry! Where better to get food at Christmas than the markets?!

I opted for a German sausage which was amazing. It was a Pork sausage with honey and marmalade - added when cooked - so it had such a lovely flavour. I liked that the flavouring wasn't too strong though, it was subtle but just enough. I had lots of onions, cheese and ketchup too of course.


If you've been reading my Blogmas, you'll know my opinions on Hot Chocolate. I love it. It is just the most festive drink - with or without alcohol.

We were so cold walking round and were craving a hot drink to warm us up and, we wanted a change of scenery to the markets which we've visited umpteen times this year! We opted for 20 Stories - the most gorgeous rooftop bar in Manchester.

We both got a Hot Chocolate (surprisingly, for us, without alcohol).


I'll be honest, it wasn't the best I've had. We described this as a 'posh' hot chocolate as you could tell it was made with chocolate infused with a high percentage of cocoa (probably a rich, dark hot chocolate). For me, I could really taste the cocoa which made it slightly bitter-tasting. I much prefer a creamy, milk hot chocolate but the settings made it a lovely spot for a rest.


20 Stories has been decorated so festively - I particularly loved the white tree walkway at the entrance.


We had the cutest festive day - I'm actually sad it is over. We've also done a festive bar crawl so keep your eyes peeled for this post coming next!


Thanks as always for reading. I hope you've enjoyed Blogmas so far - I've got some more fun posts to come leading up to Christmas!


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