Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Blogmas #16: Festive trip to the Garden Centre

The Garden Centre is by far one of my favourite places to be at Christmas time. I find it so festive. My Garden Centre, in particular, has a large section dedicated to all things Christmas; decorations, trees, wreaths, gifts.

I am obsessed with all of the displays. The trees give me major inspo - to decorate them all must honestly be the best job ever. Where do I apply?!

I really love this snow-dusted tree. The touch of red is so festive and the white really compliments the faux snow!

This is genuinely afternoon tea goals. I could sit here all day - especially with lots of cake and hot chocolate on tap! I've never seen anything prettier. It looks like something from a fairytale!


It is literally like a Winter Wonderland every year without fail - the pictures just do not do it justice!



There are so many tree decorations! They are split into different colour combinations, for example silver and blue or red and gold. I stayed around the silver section as this is the theme of our tree.

I loved the diamante heart so much that I had to have it. This looks amazing on our tree and is a real feature piece. It was only £2.99 aswell - bargain! We also bought the glass diamond dangly decoration (what a mouthful (and an awful description)) above which was just £1.99! They're amazing quality too.


I particularly love the Garden Centre around Christmas time as it has so many cute gifts. There's a whole section for children's gifts and they have a lot of amazing books. I think it is really important to read with a child - it is something I was brought up with, something I do when I spend time with younger cousins and definitely something I will do when I have children of my own. They have personalised books where you can have your child's name printed (or hand write it) throughout so the child is the main character of the book. I love this idea!

They have some gorgeous candles. I loved this as I thought they were really festive. They're hand poured too which is really cool. They also sold lots of festive scented candles which is just the dream and will make your house smell amazing!


I also love all of the Christmassy gifts at the Garden Centre. Sometimes you just can't go wrong with food and drink. I love the hot chocolate sets - particularly the one with the cute mug! This would be lovely as part of a Secret Santa gift or as a mini wrap up!

And of course, chutney! You can't have Christmas without sh*t loads of cheese & chutney! The best.


If you haven't yet visited your local Garden Centre this year, there's still time! If you're after a mini gift for someone, more Christmas decorations or even just a nice Hot Chocolate and somewhere to sit, I would definitely recommend it!


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