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Blogmas #15: Favourite Christmas decorations

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is, of course, decorating the house. I love putting the tree up and taking the time to think about where each individual decoration should go. My Mum just leaves me to the tree now as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and she just can't do right for wrong when it comes to the tree (sorry Mum!) but she focuses on the other decorations.

Here are some of my favourite Christmas decorations this year.

- B A U B L E S -

Norcutts Garden Centre

This is by far one of my favourite baubles. It reminds me of a Christmas pudding with sequin icing - really cute! This bauble catches the light really nicely and is constantly sparkling which I love.

Our local Garden Centre has so many lovely decorations (as you'll see, a few of my favourites are from there) and they're all really reasonably priced. Most baubles are around £2.50 or £3 which is so good!


This is one of my statement pieces on my tree. It stands out because it is different to all of the others. This full glass star is gorgeous and so festive!

New York

We bought this from a gorgeous Christmas shop in Little Italy, New York when we visited in November 2015. I love trying to pick up bits when I visit another country as it gives a real sentimental feel. I loved putting this on my tree this year as it just brought back memories of our New York trip.

It's such a pretty decoration and adds something slightly different to the tree, with it dangling from the branches. The detail is stunning - I'm so glad we bought this!

Norcutts Garden Centre

I'm sorry but I love this. Pictures really don't do it justice - it was really hard to photograph! I love the mix of pearls and sequins and it is the perfect size to fit between other statement pieces.


We picked this up on our recent trip to Edinburgh in a gorgeous little Christmas shop opposite our hotel. I love the shape of this as it's really different to the standard circular baubles. The mix of diamantes and metal also looks really classy.


The majority of our tree is silver to keep it nice and neutral. I sometimes think less is more so I like having a colour neutral tree. However, over the few years we've come across a couple of blue baubles that are gorgeous so we've added them into the tree.

In total, we have about 6 blue baubles and the rest are all silver so it is just a nice touch of colour but is very minimalistic.

I have no idea where we got this from but I found a similar one from The Lovely Room.

Norcutts Garden Centre

My final favourite bauble. It isn't specifically a bauble per se but you get the drift.

I love the snowflake shape as it is so festive. The beaded design is lovely - I just love everything about this. I've had this decoration for about 4 or 5 years now and it is still in perfect condition and hasn't lost a single bead, even though it gets shoved in a box every year without fail!

If you're struggling where to buy Christmas decorations from, definitely pay a visit to your local Garden Centre - you'll be surprised at the amount of gorgeous Christmassy stuff they have!

- W R E A T H S -


We wanted something festive at the front of the house without the effort of having to nail Christmas lights up (we've not long moved house). I came across this wreath at B&M which was a bargain! It was around £10 and it came with the lights already attached - you just needed to add the batteries.

I love this and it makes the front of the house look so pretty when you arrive.


I adore this wreath. This is up on our kitchen door so its a lovely touch and you see it every time you walk into the hallway or kitchen. I love the contrast of the green leaves and the red holly - it is so festive. We bought this a couple of years ago and it's safe to say it will now be up every year in our house.

The festive snowflake door hook is also so cute. We've had this quite a while and I have no clue where this was from (I'm hopeless, I know) but there are lots of similar ones on Amazon.

- O T H E R -


This tree is one of my favourite mini decorations. We have this on a side table in the lounge and it looks so cute. It comes with lights that are battery operated so it is really Christmassy.

We bought the mini Christmas decorations to hang on it separately but they are also from Next.


There you have my favourite Christmas decorations of 2018. I'm really happy with the way our house looks this year - it is really festive and cosy.

Thanks for reading!


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