Saturday, 15 December 2018

Blogmas #14: Christmas Gingerbread baking

Gingerbread for me is such a festive snack. I know you can buy them all year round but I probably only eat them towards Christmas time. What better to make at this time of year than Gingerbread?!


I went online and found an easy Gingerbread recipe, bought the ingredients and got started! My Mum was keen to help so we had a girly baking day.

We began by mixing the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ground ginger, cinnamon and butter. Then added 1 egg and golden syrup (as well as enjoying tucking into a lot of additional golden syrup at the same time - sorry not sorry).


It was then time to roll out the gingerbread and cut out the shapes. I invested in some cute little cutters to make festive shapes, including a snowflake, candy cane and Christmas present. There was also a Santa Claus and a reindeer. I didn't have the right icing to make Santa (always organised) so I left that one and as I'm clearly no baking expert, the reindeer did not turn out very well at all!

We set out the shapes onto two baking trays ready to bake. After 12 minutes, they came out slightly browner than anticipated. But we went with it!

After letting them cool for 15 minutes, then came the fun part - icing! 


I'm such a child when it comes to things like this so my Mum literally left me to it to do by myself. I only iced a selection of the Gingerbread and left the others plain. Of course, I looked online for some inspiration.

I'm pretty happy with all of them but my candy cane definitely looked better in my head. It tasted very good though so hey ho - you can't be good at everything!


I think I definitely need to bake more often as I've had the best afternoon. If you're interested in making any Gingerbread men, I recommend using the recipe I did as they tasted delicious. To see the recipe, click here.

I'm now off to devour these beautiful Gingerbreads!


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