Thursday, 13 December 2018

Blogmas #12: Festive day out feat. Gabby (pt 1)

Yesterday I went for a festive day out with one of my friends. We've been planning this day for a while and life has just got in the way whenever we've tried to do it but yesterday we finally could! With Gabby as festive as I am, we both really wanted a fun Christmassy day out before the day itself.

Of course, one of the most festive things to do at this time of year is ice skating. Mini ice rinks pop up all over the country and see hundreds getting involved. Now, I'll be honest, I've skated before in the past and I was actually alright. It might have taken a few minutes to get my confidence but once I did, I could do a good few laps confidently (ish) without falling. However, I feel that the older I've got, in some senses I've become more cautious. I constantly think with ice skating; 'what if I fall and break something', 'what if', 'what if', 'what if'. I think this in turn prevents me from doing well and knocks my confidence completely!

We were both as shocking as each other, it has to be said. The struggle began putting on our ice skates. I mean, you know it can only go downhill when you can't even get your ice skates on and have to ask for assistance... Mortifying. 

It did get worse. We spent the whole time on the ice holding on to the sides, feet still, using our arms to give us movement. We must have looked that ridiculous that even passers by were laughing. We did one lap and decided to call it a day. Maybe next year we will do two laps... Who knows. At least we got a nice picture though...?


Next we took a visit to the Christmas markets. There's nothing more festive than that. We've both been to the markets a few times this year so we've done the usual markets food and fancied something a little different. We opted for a slice of pizza each - I got the Ham & Mushroom and Gabby the Margherita. Mine was amazing but sadly Gabs' was burnt underneath so she didn't finish it all.

I apologise because this day is evidently all about food and drink but that's just us. We then opted to go and get a hot chocolate and both chose the Caramel Hot Chocolate at Cafe Nero. I've tried a few of these from different places but Cafe Nero's is definitely the best. Mine was obviously the one with tons of whipped cream AND caramel sauce on - it is Christmas soon so why not?!

I don't think I love anything more than being warm and cosy in the winter and a hot chocolate always guarantees this! I think it's a nice break from the busyness of city life during the festive period and gives you the chance to have a chat and a catch up.


We had so many things planned but, in typical Gabby & Marianne fashion, we got distracted. Like always. Mainly by food and alcohol.

We have got another festive day planned next week to finish off what we didn't get to so keep your eyes peeled for this!

What are your favourite festive things to do?


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