Wednesday, 12 September 2018

An afternoon at the most 'Instagrammable' bar in Manchester

I recently visited one of the most elegant restaurants I've ever been to. In my opinion, Manchester is filled with so many beautifully decorated places but this really stood out for me.

In today's society, the decor of a bar/restaurant is almost as important as the food or drink itself. It is a constant want to upload the prettiest pictures on Instagram, tagged in the prettiest places. Places filled with flower walls, blossom trees, relatable wall-mounted quotes. I'll admit, I've done it myself. There's just something about being surrounded in interior of this type that adds to the experience of visiting such a place.

When I learnt that Manchester had a brand new bar/restaurant that was all pink, I couldn't wait to visit.

Sunset, part of the Australasia chain, is the new 'most visited' place in Manchester!



The decor was honestly insane. Its warm pink and velour booths teamed with white flower pots made the place feel so cosy.


So I firstly have to say that I have the best friends! One of my friends booked this for me as a birthday present and it was the best gift! Everyone loves a nice present but as I'm getting older, I love spending time with my close ones and going out somewhere nice to celebrate so I couldn't have asked for anything better.

We opted for afternoon tea; nothing beats a cosy afternoon with lots of food & copious amounts of tea! The afternoon tea at Sunset was quite different to the traditional concept. You get two bento style boxes - one sweet and one savoury. You can pay separately for the boxes and can therefore, of course, just have one or the other but we wanted to try the full package!

The presentation was amazing. The savoury food was presented in a wooden box with little compartments for each dish. The portions were also so good - instead of having one of each dish per person you were given a generous portion each!


The savoury box included:
- Yum Yums (sushi rice deep fried, topped with avocado puree)
- Salmon and Tuna Nigiri
-Duck California Roll with thinly sliced mango
- Pickled vegetables
- Edamame beans with chilli and lime salt
- Croquettes with mozzarella cheese and potatoes, served with Japanese mayonnaise
- Beef broth with gnocchi mushrooms

The food was amazing. I particularly loved the croquettes and the sushi! I just loved how colourful everything was - especially against the contrast of the brown wood. It all looked so edible!

The sweet box included:
- Chocolate Dome with hot butterscotch sauce
- Lemon scone with whipped cream and jam
- Ginger cheesecake topped with strawberry meringue and popcorn
- Sesame and poppy biscuit
- Coconut and raspberry frangipane
- Pistachio macaroons
- Strawberry tart


The desserts were amazing. My favourite had to be the chocolate dome with hot butterscotch sauce. The warm toffee flavour was amazing and complimented the chocolate dessert perfectly. I also loved the pistachio macaroon!

The scone was a little more savoury than I am used to, as was the strawberry tart flavouring. However, it was a lovely contrast with the other sweeter options.


If you're looking for a few drinks, food or even afternoon tea in Manchester, Sunset is definitely the up and coming place to be. For more information, visit their Instagram (@sunsetmcr).

*Please note that this post is not sponsored and all views and opinions are my own.

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