Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Last Thursday I celebrated my 23rd birthday in Manchester. With living in Manchester all of my life and being a big lover of Thursday club, I was so excited to hear that one of my favourite bars and restaurants in the city was launching a new event on a Thursday.

Neighbourhood, located in Spinningfields, is by far up there with my first choices on a night out. I've never had a bad night there yet and the food is to die for.

#NotGoingHome is a new event - just launched several weeks back - which offers unlimited alcohol and 3 small plates for just £30! You have the table for 1.5 - 2 hours and can literally drink as much as you can within this time!

I'll be honest, I'm always a bit sceptical when I hear the phrase 'bottomless alcohol' as it is usually a very limited menu, only offering certain alcoholic drinks. In addition, the service can be quite slow which takes away from the bottomless idea as it prevents you having as much as you'd maybe like to.

This definitely was not the case at Neighbourhood!

We were seated on the upstairs balcony and had the whole space to ourselves, which was lovely! The atmosphere was perfect as I was able to catch up with everyone but could still enjoy the music.

We were treated like royalty! I didn't have an empty glass the whole evening and the waiters were so helpful. I couldn't have asked for anything more!


The alcohol menu was not limited. It included beer, wine, prosecco or 2 frozen cocktails. You could mix and match throughout your time as you pleased.

I opted for the Frose cocktail - frozen Rose and Vodka - which was amazing. I have tried Frose before and it was quite bitter but this was really sweet. I also had copious amounts of prosecco which went down well, as per usual!


The food was amazing, as always..

The menu included:
- Mini burgers
- Chicken Lollipops
- Popcorn Prawns
- Sushi Rolls (Duck, Tuna or Salmon)

Vegetarian options were available on request.


I opted for the Chicken Lollipops, Popcorn Prawns and the Duck Sushi. I can't lie, I pretty much have these three dishes every time I go to Neighbourhood for food as I adore them all. Sometimes you've got to stick with what you know and love!

I would highly recommend all of these options if you're visiting!


If you're wondering where to go on a Thursday evening, #NotGoingHome is the place to be! You get such good value for money and the vibe is one of the best in Manchester.

For more information or for bookings, contact Viper by following them on Instagram (@viper) or dropping them an email (contact@vipernights.com).


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