Wednesday, 7 February 2018

LKM Styled

Several weeks back I met the lovely Leighanne Krystal Mroczka at an event in Manchester. Being the chatty person that I am, we got talking and I discovered that she was a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. I'd never been styled before and I loved the idea of it so we decided to work together for an upcoming event.

The event I was to be attending was a single launch. One of my friends, JSky, was holding an exclusive event to celebrate the launch of his new single 'Myself' for family and friends. However, there was a press wall and so I wanted to look my best! Leighanne and I decided that this was the perfect event to style me for.


Leighanne began by gaging what size I was and the types of outfits I like including fabrics, colours, length and so on. I'm definitely a midi dress kinda gal - I just don't think you can go wrong - you always (in my opinion) look so classy and they're such an easy option! We agreed on a midi dress with a variety of colours as options, however, the more dresses we came across the more we agreed on black. Again, you cannot go wrong with a black dress!

After a number of different options, we agreed on the first dress that Leighanne found.

Pretty Little Thing, £20

I instantly adored this dress! The figure hugging style of the bodycon is so flattering and although it's a very simple design, the bardot puff sleeves give enough detail to give this dress something extra.


Once we had the dress sorted, we started to discuss what type of shoes would look best. We both instantly agreed peep toe/sandals as opposed to a pointed shoe.

As the dress was so simple and classy, Leighanne advised that although adding colour to a black outfit would usually look fabulous, in this instance it might look too much. She therefore began to search for some nude heels with added detail.

These were the first heels we both agreed on and I loved them straight away. With the dress being plain, we could have fun with the detail on the shoes/accessories.

Ego Shoes, £39.99

 However, when these heels arrived they were SO uncomfortable. The zip went all the way up to around the middle of my calf and dug in after only having them on for a few minutes. I knew that I would end up never wearing them for this reason so we began looking for an alternative.

Simmi Shoes, £35

Leighanne then came across the most beautiful shoes ever that actually complimented the dress even better than the first. I adore them and am genuinely tempted to buy them in every colour available!


Finally, accessories.

River Island, £12

We decided to go for a diamante choker to match the shoes as opposed to wearing earrings. I absolutely adore this choker - it's such good quality and the colours are beautiful. It's also extremely versatile and can be worn with a number of different outfits!

Leighanne found so many different bag options but me being the fussy gal I am, I just didn't fall in love with any of them. 

Selfridges, £39

However, we came across a Kurt Geiger bag in the Selfridges sale which complimented the outfit perfectly. The simplicity of the bag kept the outfit classy but the velvet fabric and pearl clutch added the right amount of detail for it to stand out. AND it was in the sale! Bargain.


(Left: Me & Leighanne; Right: Me, JSky & Leighanne)

When working with Leighanne, she is so passionate about finding the perfect outfit for you. She is consistently keen to find the best items and work within your budget.

If you have a smaller budget, or simply just want to find one amazing item, this can be done too. You don't have to spend a fortune to look amazing! With Leighanne's expertise, she can hunt out the best items for the best price. 

If you are interested in having a consultation with her, you can contact her via the below:

Instagram: @leigh_krystal
Facebook: LKM Style

I couldn't recommend her service more!


I hope that you've enjoyed reading this post & if you do contact Leighanne, I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I was.

Please note that all views and opinions are my own.

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