Thursday, 22 February 2018

IQOS - A Smoking Solution?

Last Thursday I was invited to a private launch of the IQOS device in Manchester; the new revolution in consuming tobacco. Designed and founded by Philip Morris, owner of Malboro, the IQOS is a lower risk alternative to traditional smoking.

No ash. No smoke. Less smell.

What is the IQOS device?

IQOS is a 'heat-not-burn' device which means that the device heats the tobacco but does not burn it. When the tobacco is simply heated, these chemicals are drastically reduced (between 90-95% reduction) which can cause less harm to the body than a traditional cigarette. In addition, there is no passive smoking so the device is a safer alternative to use around other people and the environment itself - for those of you who are green friendly!
When purchasing the device you can choose a starter pack bundle which includes the IQOS and Heets of your preference. Heets are special tobacco sticks formulated for use exclusively with the IQOS device and are sold in various locations over the UK.

Heets are avaible in 3 flavours: Amber, Yellow and Turqouise. For regular cigarette consumers Amber and Yellow are traditional tasting tobacco whilst Turqouise is a menthol style flavour.

The device is incredibly simple to use, you insert the Heet into the top of the device, hold a button for a few seconds and once the device is ready you begin to inhale as normal and consume the tobacco until the IQOS is finished.


Throughout the night, guests were invited to try out the device for themselves with assistance from the IQOS team. This provided guests with the opportunity to learn more about the device and ask any questions.

Guests were also provided with a selection of small plates which were out of this world, including chicken bites and calamari.

Why buy the IQOS device over smoking?

- IQOS reduces the chemicals inhaled by containing them within the device, meaning you are actually only taking in the tobacco;
- IQOS provides similar levels of nicotine as traditional cigarettes but with a significantly reduced risk of harm;
IQOS does not contain tar and therefore does not stain your teeth;
- It tastes much nicer than traditional cigarettes;
- It is a cheaper alternative; and
- It is technically savvy and is a more modern device which comes with a charger.


I've tried the device myself and genuinely think it is an absolute game changer! It has such a modern look and is much more compact, meaning that you can easily carry it around at any time without worrying about fitting a pack of cigarettes in your bag/pocket. It is also great value for money, especially compared with the rising price of cigarettes!

If you are interested in learning more or would like to purchase the device, please contact Hannah Calvanese on Alternatively, visit


As ever, thanks for reading!


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