Friday, 5 January 2018

Vegan Heaven @ V-Rev

Last night I visited a vegan restaurant in Manchester called V-Rev. With one of my best friends being vegan, I'd heard lots of good things about this restaurant and have wanted to visit for a long time. So, last night I forced her to come with me so I could try it out.

Located in central Manchester, in the bustling Northern Quarter - a hub of food and drink - I already had a good feeling about it. I was not wrong!


When we first entered the restaurant, I immediately loved the feel of it. With its simplistic design of leather-boothed tables and chairs, it had a really relaxed vibe. I liked that it welcomed people from all walks of life: couples, families, friends.


The menu is really varied and includes a number of different dishes, including burgers, salads and small plates. As it was my first time visiting (and revision had occupied my whole day) I wanted to try as many dishes as possible to get a feel for the restaurant.


We started with a milkshake - why wait until after the food, eh? We both opted for the Cookies & Cream milkshake which came in a pint glass with lots of cream. Heart attack drink.

I was really intrigued to see what the milkshake would taste like as I'm used to thick, creamy milkshakes due to the milk. Obviously, this milkshake had no dairy but it was out of this world. The texture was yummy and the crushed cookies were really tasteful.


Next, for the food. 

Looking at the menu, straight away I knew that I was going to have a burger. Which one was the difficult decision. 

I opted for the Barbecute Without the E burger which consisted of:
Beefy Patty, Baecon, Cheez, BBQ Sauce, Crispy Fried Onions, Ranch Sauce, Rainbow Slaw

Firstly, I love that the bacon substitute is referred to as Baecon - especially as I visited with my bae.

Secondly, wow. This burger was just mouth wateringly good. I can't say I was a massive fan of the crispy fried onions so I took them off but everything else was insane. The beefy patty was so soft and just melted in your mouth. The cheese was so flavoursome. Everything was spot on.

My friend opted for the Donut Have A Cow Man Burger which consisted of:
Beef Patty, Double Cheez, Sugar Ring Donuts, Crispy Fried Onions, BBQ Sauce, Baecon

When my friend ordered this burger I was really sceptical. I didn't get how the sweet donut would mix with the savoury flavours of the burger. I was so wrong. This is one of the nicest burgers I have ever tasted and that is no exaggeration. 

Again, the beef patty was incredibly tasty and the cheese was perfection. I will definitely be ordering this next time.

For just £1 extra, the burgers came with skin on fries or for £2 extra you could opt for loaded fries.

The loaded fries were really good. However, I'm not a massive fan of spice and the buffalo sauce was pretty spicy in my opinion. If you do like spice, then these fries are the one for you! They come with:
Cheez Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Ranch Sauce, Baecon, Chives

Small Plates

We also ordered two small plates to share: Mac & Cheese and Chkn Tenders.

The Mac & Cheese was nice enough but personally, the cheese just wasn't cheesy enough. Unlike the cheese used on the burgers, this didn't have as much flavour. Mac & Cheese is one of my favourite dishes so I had high expectations!

The Chkn Tenders were incredible. We opted for BBQ sauce and it soaked into the Chkn perfectly. Although I am a massive meat eater, I really enjoyed this meat substitute. The texture and taste, added with the BBQ sauce, was lovely. I would definitely order this dish again.


Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies and we were left massively defeated, with neither burger ate and none of the small plates finished. We took a doggy bag home though - the food was much too good to waste.


I'm in love with this place and I already can't wait to visit again. Shout out to Meg for introducing me to this fab restaurant - it is definitely one of the best I have been to in Manchester!

V-Rev is located at:
20-26 Edge Street
M4 1HN

You can visit their website by clicking here.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to V-Rev and would definitely recommend it to anyone, vegan or not. The food is to die for! I would advise booking a table to avoid any disappointment as it can get quite busy.

I hope you've enjoyed reading and if you do visit, I hope that you love it as much as me.


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