Monday, 18 December 2017

50 Christmas gift ideas under £50 - Part 2

Hello my loves,

I hope you enjoyed my last post and, if required, found some inspo for Christmas prezzies! As promised in my last blog post, here's 20 more gift ideas - all for under £40!

As in my last post if you want to take a closer look at any of the below, or wish to buy them, simply click on the relevant picture and it will take you straight to the website!



Morphe 35O Palette

Cult Beauty, £23.50

This is one of my favourite palettes. I love how warm all of the shades are and they are quite pigmented so you don't have to use lots of product to build the colour up on your lid. If it is sold out when you try to buy (as it often can be), Morphe sell this on their own site and other retailers such as Beauty Bay sell this too.


Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Sleekster

Hotel Chocolat, £22.50

I adore the chocolate from here. The packaging is so fancy which adds to the luxurious feel of the brand. I love that these are Christmas themed, especially the little tree. This is the perfect selection for a Christmas gift.


Crystalline Ballpoint Pen

Swarovski, £25

I bought my Mum one of these pens a year or so ago for her birthday and she absolutely loved it. She has always used fountain pens for her work from places such as Cross Pens but she really liked the way that this wrote. The crystals are absolutely beautiful and give a luxury touch.


Whittard Cocoa Creations Hot Chocolate

Whittard, £22

Hot chocolate is the perfect drink for the festive season so what better gift than four hot chocolates from Whittard?!


Fluffy Cloud Robe with Ears

ASOS, £28

I love nothing more than being comfy. Fluffy PJs, a cosy dressing gown and a faux fur throw - the perfect combination to get you through the winter nights. I love this dressing gown from ASOS, it looks so comfy and the little ears are so cute!


Decleor A Good Night's Sleep Collection

House of Fraser, £28

This set is so lovely. Filled with night serums and oils, this is definitely one to make you feel refreshed and relaxed before bed time.


Faux Fur Scarf

M&S, £25

I am obsessed with faux fur at the minute so faux fur scarves are doing it for me at the min. I just think they look so classy. I love this grey/green colour as it's so wintery but also very versatile - it would go with pretty much any colour. This is a lovely wrap up.


Pickering's Gin Bauble Gift Set

31 Dover, £29.75

Alcohol is a given at Christmas in respect of gifts but I feel like it can be an easy gift to buy. I love that, although this is alcohol, it has a festive theme and is different to any other normal bottle of alcohol that you can buy. It definitely makes it more special.


Dune Kandey Colour Purse

John Lewis, £28

A new purse is always needed! I love the contrast between the light blue and nude brown colours of this purse. Just make sure you put at least a penny in for good luck!


Winter Diffuser

The White Company, £21.60

A diffuser is a safe gift when you're not sure what to buy! Even so, I adore them. I can imagine that this Winter one will smell amazing.



Christmas Rose & Freesia Flowers

M&S, £35

Every woman loves flowers - you just can't beat them. No matter who they're off, they're such a lovely gift every time. I love this Christmas bouquet from M&S - the colours are just beautiful and they have such a festive vibe. Love, love, love!


Bottega Gold Glass Set

Westgate, £36.99

You really can't beat prosecco, at any time of the year. Especially Christmas. I genuinely could drink my body weight in prosecco over the festive period, it's really bad. I think this is a really nice gift as it comes with two glasses aswell as opposed to just the bottle which makes it more of a present.


Wolf & Whistle Satin Pjs

ASOS, £32

I absolutely adore these pyjamas - they look so cosy. I particularly love the colour as burgundy is one of my favourites but especially at Christmas. The perfect pyjamas for the festive season.


Limited Edition Artful Accessories Brush Set

Tarte Cosmetics, £38

I absolutely adore the design of these brushes. My Mum treated herseld to this set and they're just as lovely in person. This is definitely a gift not to be missed - particularly as they're now in the sale!


Downtown Cross Body Bag

Victoria's Secret, £33.08

Every girl needs an LBB - a little black bag! This bag has it all - studs, tassels - it's just amazing. I love it. This bag is the perfect gift and it is more than enough on its own too!


Thomas Sabo Obsidian Charm Bracelet

Thomas Sabo, £34

I first received this present as a gift when I was 16 and I was obsessed. I recently bought this bracelet again due to misplacing it several months back and I'm just as obsessed as I was previously - I wear it everyday. This is a perfect gift as you can mix it up with different charms (available from Thomas Sabo). I would definitely recommend.


Afternoon Tea for Two @ Grand Pacific, Manchester

Afternoon Tea, £40

I absolutely adore Grand Pacific - it is such a beautiful setting. Their afternoon tea looks incredible and I love the Pineapple theme, as usual. I haven't yet tried their afternoon tea but it looks so good - I will be visiting here very soon.


More Than Moisture Gift Set

Clinique, £40

I tend to suffer, especially in these cold winter months, from dry skin so this set sounds like a dream. With all of these products aimed at adding extra moisture back into your skin, this is the set to sort you out!


Rose Gold Blush Pink Necklace

Argento, £35

I love this necklace. It's very zoomed in so you can see the detail but it is actually really dainty when it is on. I love the mixture of the Rose Gold and pink, it is such a good mix. This is the perfect wrap up and can be worn every day or dressed up as evening wear.


Lace Blouse

ASOS, £36

A piece of clothing can be the most risky gift but can also pay off - if you know the person will like it! I love this blouse from ASOS. It is so delicate and feminine and is perfect for the Christmas period. 


I hope that you've found this post useful and enjoyed reading. Keep your eyes peeled for the last 10 gift ideas in my next blog post - all priced between £40 - £50. The perfect gifts if you're not on as much of a budget!



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