Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Microblading: Healing and Top-up Appointment

Hi lovelies,

If you follow my blog, you'll know that I recently opted to have my eyebrows microbladed by the lovely Gina Shengas. In this post I'll discuss all about how I've found the healing process from my first treatment and the top-up appointment!


I was extremely lucky with the healing process after my first session. After your first session of microblading, it is common for your eyebrows to peel or look quite flaky due to the skin healing. I did not experience any of this save for a couple of flakes here and there which were really easy to brush off and were not noticeable in the slightest.

I bathed my eyebrows once or twice a day with boiling water for the first week and used Bepanthen cream to keep the skin around my eyebrows moisturised at all times. You can buy this cream from Boots. For the first night I also covered my eyebrows with cling film to ensure that the pigment did not brush off onto anything and could set into my skin properly.

The only thing that concerned me slightly was that after around a week, my eyebrows seemed to have faded and some of the hair strokes were no longer visible. Me being me (drama queen) I panicked. DON'T PANIC - this is completely normal and is the skin's way of absorbing the pigment. It will resurface after approximately 5 days and your eyebrows will look as good as new!


After around 6 weeks, I had my top-up appointment. This appointment is to ensure firstly that you are happy with the results and do not want to make any changes to your eyebrows (e.g. colour, shape, thickness) and secondly, to fill in any areas where the pigment has faded.

As you can see, there were slight areas where the pigment had faded or hadn't taken (which is completely normal).

I absolutely loved the shape and thickness of my eyebrows so I definitely didn't want to change them. I did alter the colour of my eyebrows slightly as I went for quite a light shade initially to be cautious and so I wanted them to stand out a little bit more.


The procedure for the top-up appointment was similar to the initial appointment. Gina completed one set of hair strokes to cover every stroke that had been made initially. As with the first appointment, the first set of strokes were completed without numbing cream. Again, the pain level was minimal and was merely a number of sharp scratches.

Gina then focused on the areas where the pigment had not taken as well or had faded. This will differ with every person as it is down to your skin and how it heals but this was quite minimal in my case. There were two sets of hair strokes over these areas.

The top-up appointment lasted around 30-45 minutes and cost £30.

My eyebrows after my top-up appointment look defined and full, with no gaps in the pigment. 

I am so happy with my new eyebrows and feel so much more confident stepping out of the house with a fresh face! My make-up routine is also so much easier as I don't have to focus on drawing on my eyebrows every day.

The finished result will be in around 2-3 weeks so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for pictures!

If you are interested in having your eyebrows microbladed, contact Gina Shengas (Instagram: @ginashengasmua; Email: She is so talented and in my opinion, is the best in the eyebrow business!


I hope you've found this post useful!

As always, I would love to hear from you either via email or Instagram @xthelifeofm.


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