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My microblading experience

Hi lovelies,

I recently decided to get my eyebrows microbladed and have received quite a few questions about the process, where I got them done and so on so I thought that I would write a post to share all the details with you.

The first point, and probably the most relevant place to start, is why I decided to get my eyebrows microbladed in the first place. I naturally have quite thin eyebrows, made worse by the over-plucking phase in my teens! For this reason I have been drawing my eyebrows on every single day for over 4 years. While this isn't a massive inconvenience, I wanted the option of the 'au naturale' look as before I wouldn't feel confident going out without my eyebrows drawn on.

I have been looking into having my eyebrows microbladed for around a year now but haven't found the right place to get them done. I think it is really important to know what you are after and choose the right place for you as, although they are semi-permanent, they do last for a long period of time so it is crucial that you are happy with the result.

I have put together some frequently asked questions which include questions that I have been asked but also, things that I would have liked to have known before the procedure.

F A Q s


I had my eyebrows done by Gina Shengas at her salon in Bolton.

The salon address is:
The Sanctuary
815 Chorley Old Road

Her instagram is @ginashengasmua.


Gina is qualified in the microblading procedure and is extremely skilled and professional. I personally have seen a lot of people now completing the microblading procedure for clients but haven't seen anyone as good as Gina. She creates amazing transformations that are based on exactly what you want. 

She takes time to discuss why you would like the procedure done and discusses shapes and colours with you. She continually checks throughout that you are happy with your eyebrows and is willing to make changes if you want them.

She is also a perfectionist which is key! Even when my eyebrows were practically done, she was adding further hair strokes to ensure that the shape was perfect.

Gina is also very clean and cleans the products used throughout the duration of the procedure to minimise the risk of infection. She also provided thorough information regarding after care, both in person and in writing, which included recommendations of products.

I could not recommend her more highly!


This procedure costs £250 in total.

This includes:
- £40 deposit
- £180 on the day for the initial procedure
- £30 for a top-up (after approximately 6 weeks)


I was genuinely shocked by how little this procedure hurt. I would describe it as more of an irritating feeling than pain as the incisions feel like sharp scratches. On a pain scale, I would say that this was only a 2/10.


Depending on your skin type, your microbladed eyebrows will last between 1 - 3 years.


Firstly, the shape of the eyebrow is added by using a brown pencil. This creates a stencil for the hair strokes to be added between. Be warned that the stencil shape is a lot thicker than the final result - your eyebrows will be in between this stencil!


(Excuse the patchy half on / half off make-up!)

Once you are happy with the shape, you will agree on a colour for your new eyebrows. Gina has lots of different colours and will provide a recommendation but the final choice is down to you. You are given the opportunity to see the colours on the skin before deciding.

Gina will then start the procedure. Microblading involves incisions into the skin whereby dye is added in lines to create a 'hair stroke' effect. Three lots of hair stroke applications are required for each eyebrow.

The first lot of incisions are made without the use of numbing cream as the cream changes the texture of the skin and prevents the procedure from being as effective. Once the first incisions are done, numbing cream will be added to the eyebrow area and the process is repeated two more times for each eyebrow.

Once the incisions are complete, the stencil shape is removed and additional dye is added to the top of the eyebrows. This is left on for several minutes and then removed, leaving the finished brows underneath.

As Gina is the queen of perfectionists, several more individual hair strokes may be added in order to create the perfect shape. This only takes several minutes and may not be required in every case.

The microblading procedure is then complete!


The procedure takes approximately an hour and a half, including choosing the colour and shape.


I asked for quite a natural look as I wanted them to be perfect for everyday. I have always craved fuller, more shapely brows naturally and so this is the look that I was after.

These pictures are taken directly after the procedure.


Before and After


If you're in limbo as to whether to get this procedure done, I would definitely say to go for it! Microblading is no where near as bad as it sounds and the end result is 100% worth it!

I hope that you have found this post useful.

Thanks for reading!


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