Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Eat with Wyatt: Kickstart your health in just 6 weeks!

Hi guys,

I've wanted to get healthier for a while but just haven't had the motivation to start but I've finally forced myself to get into it and I already feel so much better! With summer pretty much here I've probably started way too late but now is better than never!

E A T - W I T H - W Y A T T

I first saw the 'Eat with Wyatt' page on Instagram about a month ago and was drawn in by how bright, colourful and yummy the meals looked. I also loved how much variety there was - every picture was a different meal! I'd seen some of the before and after pictures too and it made me get in touch straight away.

If you want to tone up, lose weight or even just feel healthier in yourself by eating better, this plan is perfect!

You receive a personalised plan made just for you which incorporates your likes/dislikes and takes into account your lifestyle e.g. working full time etc.

What does the plan include?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for 6 weeks including recipes
Shopping list for each week
Exercise plan
Tips and guides
Regular support from Jess

How much does it cost?

I personally think that this is great value for money. Not only do you have a meal plan but you are also provided with the full recipes, tips on how to cook each meal, alternative options for example a variety of greens to choose from to vary your meals/suit your preferences. 


If you are interested in signing up, get in touch with Jess Wyatt on Instagram @eatwithwyatt or email eatwithwyatt@gmail.comI will be posting following my 6 week plan to update you with my results and how I've found the Eat with Wyatt plan.

As ever, if you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch with me at xthelifeofm@outlook.com.


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