Thursday, 15 June 2017

Nail love

Hi guys,

So summer is fast approaching and I am loving all of the bright colours this year!

If you know me, you'll know that one thing I can't live without is having my nails done! I've had my nails consistently done for the last 5 years and I just couldn't imagine having bare nails (or toes).

A couple of years ago I started having gel polish as it lasts so much longer and is less likely to chip, meaning my nails look fab 24/7! I also love the shine that you get from gel colours as the top coats are so glossy - it just adds the perfect finish.

SS17 is all about bright, vibrant colours and I've got to say, I am obsessed - the brighter the better! I particularly love the colourful nail colours this year.

Here are 10 of my favourite Shellac colours...


Electric Orange

I'm definitely an orange/red gal. I love red nails so much - they're perfect all year round.

This orangey-red shade is insane. If you're after a vibrant colour, this is your pick! This shade will contrast with so many summer colours - blues, whites and so on - in such a striking way. I will definitely be picking an orangey-red shade for one of my summer nail looks!


Honey Darlin'

Yellow is my ultimate favourite colour - it is just beaut.

This shade is absolute perfection. I love that it isn't too bright a yellow as it isn't too in your face - it is a subtle but lovely shade that is perfect for SS17.

If you're going to choose a yellow shade, I would keep it simple and just have the colour rather than adding any extras e.g. diamantes/glitter. The colour is striking enough itself! If I was going to choose this colour, I would opt for a rounded/pointed nail that is a short to medium length. I personally think a long nail would take away from the colour itself and with this shade, the colour is everything.


Cream Puff

White nails aren't for everyone - they've got to be your cup of tea. I think with the right shape nail, white can look quite sophisticated. 

I love this shade as it is more of a pearlescent white so it adds to the sophisticated vibe and moves away from the potential 'tippex' nails look. With a shiny top coat, you can't go wrong with this colour!

Note: be especially careful with tan/sun oils as they can discolour the white quite quickly.


Be Demure

Baby pinks always look so classy and feminine - they are my go to (other than a nice nude).

Be Demure is such a pretty, girly shade and is sure to stand out. Add a touch of glitter around the cuticle to add a little 'extra' to the look.


Hotski to Tchotchke

This colour is so different which is why I love it so much. It is so bright and vibrant which makes it perfect for the summer months - especially seen as SS17 fashion is bringing back extra bright colours.

This would look fab on both long or short nails. If you're feeling adventurous, this is definitely a potential shade this summer!


Beckoning Begonia

Lilac has got to be one of my favourite shades this summer. It is just such a pretty colour and is especially perfect for the spring/summer months. It will compliment the floral designs this year perfectly.

This colour looks amazing with oval/pointed nails and will definitely be one of my picks over the next few months!


Future Fuchsia

Pink to make the boys wink! I think that during the winter months this type of colour can look a bit much (my personal opinion) but during the summer, bright shades are perfect. 

Future Fuchsia would look amazing on both nails and toes and is an ideal shade for holidays!



Ice blue shades are amaaazing all year round but I am crushing over this colour for a summer shade.

Light blue nails are doing it for me at the minute - they just look so striking and eye catching. They really do stand out! I'm so glad I took the risk (for boring old me) and chose a blue as I can't get enough of it!!


Blue Eyeshadow

Although this shade isn't as pastelly (that isn't a word but we'll go with it) as the other shades, it is definitely an adventurous colour. I have only ever had a bright blue once and although I loved it, I've got to say it is a bit too adventurous for me to have on the regular - bore, I know.

If you're feeling a change this Spring/Summer, this colour is a must!



I absolutely adore this shade. It is the perfect mix between orange and yellow and is still quite a subtle shade for anyone not wanting to go too out there.

I think that this would look amazing for your summer holidays and would complement both nails and toes. Love, love, love!


I hope you've enjoyed reading and I hope you're now feeling these bright, vibrant shades as much as me. I would love to see pictures if you get any of these shades this summer!


I do not own any of the above images. All images are from the Shellac CND website.

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