Friday, 21 April 2017

Eat, Drink, Enjoy @ Sapporo

Hi guys,

I hope you've had a lovely Easter! Mine was spent with family eating far too much chocolate and sweet food!

On Monday it was my Dad's birthday so I took him to Sapporo Teppenyaki in Manchester. I've been here several times before - once for my cousin's 18th and for my 21st birthday - so I knew that the food was amazing.

While I was looking online for potential restaurants, I came across Sapporo's Early Diner Menu where you can get 3 courses for just £16 per person! Click here to see the menu.




I had the Nigiri Sushi and my Dad opted for the Smoked Chicken Rolls. Sushi is my favourite and the soy sauce is divine.



With every main course you get the stir fried vegetables, sautéed potatoes and egg fried rice (which is a lot more carbs than it looks) and is super filling!

I opted for the Steak and my dad chose the Salmon (although he had already eaten his by the time I took a picture). The steak was perfectly cooked - I asked for it to be cooked Medium and it was amazing.

If I'm cooking steak at home I always cook it Medium Rare but I always ask for Medium in restaurants as I find that most places cook it a little on the rarer side anyway so if you mention the word 'Rare' it usually is too pink for me!


For dessert, you get one (extra large) scoop of ice cream with a choice from a variety of flavours. I opted for Bannoffee and my Dad went for the chocolate. 

Again, he had already wolfed it down before I managed to get a photo! If you can't enjoy your food on your birthday though, when can you?

The food was amazing as per! Everything is cooked to perfection.


One of the things that I love about Sapporo is the amazing atmosphere. Having your food cooked in front of you adds a different slant on going for a meal and it makes it more of a night out rather than just going for food. It is definitely the perfect place for a special occasion!

The first time I went to Sapporo I had no idea what to expect. I turned up with my Nana, who was in her late seventies, for my cousins' 18th birthday. You know what grandparents can be like when you talk to them, you get a "what" every 5 minutes (and then they still answer your question anyway) so you can imagine my Nana's reaction. She was like "this is far too rowdy" "I don't like it". Half an hour later she was catching sautéed potatoes in her mouth! Moral of the story - don't judge a book by its cover Angela!

To be fair, I did think it was quite loud when we first arrived but we were just under the impression that it was a normal restaurant. We didn't know that the chefs cooked in front of you and entertained you so we weren't expecting the noise/atmosphere!

The chefs are all so funny and friendly - I would go as far as saying that, in my opinion, Sapporo has the best atmosphere out of all the restaurants in Manchester.

If you've never been and you want somewhere to visit early on, or maybe you don't want to spend a fortune, Sapporo's early diner menu is definitely worth a try!

Their Manchester restaurant's address is:

91-93 Liverpool Road,
M3 4JN


I hope that you've enjoyed reading.


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