Thursday, 6 April 2017

Corky's Blogger Event

Hi guys,

So I went to my first ever blogger event on Friday (31 March) and I absolutely loved it!

A couple of months ago I received an email from Catherine at Corky's asking me if I was interested in coming along to their blogger event in Manchester and, after hearing a little about what it involved, I was definitely interested.

As it was my first ever blogger event I wasn't sure what to expect at all but I was really pleasantly surprised and this night has definitely set the standard for all other events I attend in the future - it was amazing!


Corky's invited two other brands to feature at the event: Selfie Sisters UK and The Gypsy Shrine. The event was split into three sections for this reason: an area for Corky's, an area for Selfie Sisters UK and an area for The Gypsy Shrine.

When I arrived I was given an envelope filled with tokens for the night which was lovely, meaning I could visit each part of the event for free (and I could drink lots and lots of cocktails!)


With Corky's being an alcohol brand we had the opportunity to try their alcohol on the night. I have to say Corky's schnapps are the perfect addition to any cocktail!

There were so many different flavours! I especially loved the Raspberry and Sour Cherry which I had quite a few times throughout the night.

There was a mini 'Cocktail Masterclass' section where you could go to the bar and order a cocktail of your choice or simply state which flavours you fancied and you could make up a drink.

An amazing cocktail and donuts - does it really get any better?!


Possibly the best bit was the amaaazing cart where you could decorate your cocktails with endless amounts of sweets and goodies - they even had edible glitter.


Can we just take a minute to appreciate how cute the cart is... It's so girly and cute, I LOVE it!

This balloon was everything so obviously I had to get a photo with it... P.s. excuse my extremely awkward hand.

You were also given tokens to be used at the main bar where you could request a cocktail of your choice. We opted for a 'Refresher' cocktail which was sooo nice and refreshing and it even had a mini refresher sweet to go with it - bonus!

Corky's really looked after us - constantly checking we were okay, handing out additional drinks tokens and supplying food throughout the night which was yummy.

To learn more visit their website here or follow them on Instagram @corkysschnapps.


If you know me, you'll know how much I love all things glitter so I loved The Gypsy Shrine stand!

I was going out after the event so I opted to just have glitter on my shoulders/arms rather than my face (I definitely couldn't miss out).

I received so many comments throughout the night whilst I was out from people showing love for my amazing glitter!

I also received a free pot of glitter of my choice which I absolutely love and can't wait to use!! I chose the 'Mermaid' glitter pot.


I love the mix of chunky and thin glitter in this glitter pot. The pots are also huge and will last you ages so are definitely value for money! I will definitely be checking out more of their products.

To learn more about The Gypsy Shrine or to purchase their products, visit their website here or follow them on Instagram @thegypsyshrine.


The third and final part of the evening was with the amazing Selfie Sisters! Selfie Sisters are a UK brand that feature at events and special occasions and, similar to a photobooth, take photos. 

Corky's in action!

You can choose the theme of the border for each particular event, which on this occasion was the Corky's logo.

What I loved most was that you were able to personalise your photos. A bit like Snapchat, you are able to draw on the picture itself whilst it is up on the mirror and can then choose whether to skip or print the photo.

I thought this was such a fresh and different idea and it worked so well. I definitely need this mirror in my life for nights out!

I will definitely be contacting Selfie Sisters UK for future events.

To contact them follow them on Instagram @selfiesistersuk.


At the end of the night I received an amazing goodie back from Corky's which included:

A bottle of their Raspberry schnapps (my favourite flavour).

 Personalised straws

A selection of Kiehl's skincare products, together with a free facial at Kiehl's!

Does this goody bag get much better?!


I had the best night and would definitely recommend an event with Corky's to anyone in the future!

I hope you've enjoyed reading. As always I would love to hear from you ♥.


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