Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cards for every occasion...

Hi guys,

I was contacted recently by Sasha, founder of Cheeky Zebra cards, who explained a little bit about herself, her company and her interest in my blog.

Cheeky Zebra is an up and coming company by graduate Sasha who decided to start her own card business after she discovered her love for creativity. These cards are current and different to anything on the market currently so I do think that Cheeky Zebra could be really successful!

Sasha kindly offered to send across a selection of her cards for me to look at. If you're interested in seeing some of the cards that she sent over then keep reading! 


Cheeky Zebra have cards for a wide variety of occasions:
New Home
Congratulations/Good Luck
New Baby
Mental Health
Tough Time


I absolutely love this card! I mean, let's face it.. Every girl wishes they could eat whatever they want without putting on any weight - that is the dream. Sadly, it doesn't seem to happen but if you can't eat whatever you want on your birthday and not feel guilty about it, is it even your birthday?!

I wish that this was true and calories really didn't count on your birthday (or anyone elses)... We can dream.


This is probably one of the most honest cards I've seen but it's true. Sometimes when our loved ones are going through difficult situations, all we want to do is help them feel better but we don't know what to do to help. There is not always anything that we can say or do to help 100% but someone knowing that you love them and that you're there to support them through it means so much more.

Sometimes that is literally all someone needs to hear.


This card is the cutest! Everyone loves unicorns atm (me included) so this is the perfect addition to this card.

Everyone can dream on their birthdays and be like for my birthday I'll have a Ferrari, an all expenses paid holiday to the Maldives and a brand new wardrobe full of clothes, shoes and bags buuuut sometimes we need bringing back down to earth. This card does just that.

If any of my friends are reading this, this is the perfect card for my birthday.....


Sometimes a bad situation just needs a little bit of humour to lighten the mood. I know when I have gone through break-ups before the best cure has been a laugh with my friends (and a bit of a bitch). I would definitely appreciate this card if I received it!


I think that this card has got to be my ultimate favourite! It is so important to invest time and energy into yourself and to have self-belief, even if you feel that others don't have that same belief in you. It has taken me a long time to realise that it isn't always important what people think about you.

It is human nature to become so wrapped up in what other people think and be too harsh on ourselves but the majority of the time, it is the people that don't even matter that are the ones judging or being negative. Positivity is key - nothing is more important than happiness and I do think that in order to be truly happy, you've got to be happy in yourself first.

Believe in yourself and do what makes you happy!


All the cards are empty for you to write your own message however, there is an option on their website for you to input your message and they will type it out for you for no extra charge.

All cards are £2.99 which is really reasonable and affordable and the cards are really good quality.

Everyone is different so some of these cards won't be everyone's cup of tea but I find them really refreshing and funny. I think some situations definitely require some light humour and I love these designs! I will definitely be purchasing some in the near future.

For more information, visit Cheeky Zebra:
Instagram: @cheekyzebracards


I hope that you've enjoyed reading and if you buy any of the cards, I hope you love them!


*Please note that this is a sponsored post, but all views and opinions are my own.

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