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Two days in Paris

Hi guys,

So last weekend I visited Paris for the second time. I think sometimes when you visit a city more than once, it doesn't seem as amazing as the first time you went but Paris is definitely an exception.

Paris is one of my favourite cities - I think it is absolutely beautiful. The buildings are just mesmerising and there is so much to do that you can never get bored of it.


We only had two full days but we managed to fit in everything that we wanted to do (thanks to my planning)!


We stayed in the 'Pullman Hotel Tour Eiffel' which was located 5 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower.


The hotel offered 'Garden View' rooms and 'Eiffel Tower View' rooms - obviously I opted for an Eiffel Tower view which was absolutely incredible! We were placed on the top floor of the hotel and could see the tower perfectly from our window - meaning we caught a lot of the tower lit up each hour on the first night!

I still can't believe this was our view!

The room itself was also amazing. I loved the stone decor of the room and bathroom. The mirror was particularly amazing - perfect for applying makeup!


The hotel Bar was also lovely - I loved the modern decor and colour scheme. It was a lovely place to grab a quick drink and chill out.





I have never seen so much gold in one area! This building was definitely fit for royalty and was covered in gold - even down to the grand gates!



The interior was just as grand as the exterior of the palace. I loved the amount of marble - it just looks so posh and elegant!


There were also rooms that were lived in by former French royalty and they were even grander than the other areas of the palace. Filled with large chandeliers, gold and fancy designs - they were amazing to look at and gave an insight into the way the monarchy lived in the 18th century.


Even the ceiling designs were incredible - the detail was so intricate!



Of course we had to stop at Angelina while we were at Versailles!


The food was amazing - we obviously opted for patisseries and they were just out of this world! I have never had so much chocolate as part of one cake!


Angelina sold lots of items and we bought the most amazing jams - they are literally out of this world!


Gardens of Versailles

The gardens were absolutely huge! You could easily have spent a good view hours walking round as they stretched for miles but it was just so cold!

As we visited in summer the flowers had not bloomed so I would love to visit again and see the gardens when they are in full bloom.


The view from the balcony was incredible and looked out over a large lake and another set of gardens which were absolutely beautiful.

Madison Ladurée


I love Macarons and I've wanted to try some from Madison Ladurée for so long so where better than to try them in Paris? They definitely didn't disappoint - the Salted Caramel or Hazelnut ones were my favourite! I would definitely recommend trying these flavours if you're going to buy some.


After Versailles we travelled to Sacre Coeur - one of the largest basilicas in Paris and, in my opinion, definitely one of the prettiest. 

I had visited Sacre Coeur on my first trip to Paris but it was definitely worth visiting again!



The little town around Sacre Coeur is so cute. It consists of narrow cobbled streets filled with little shops, cafes and bistros.


We stopped for a bite to eat at a traditional French bistro which was extremely cute and cosy. We indulged in an amazing three course meal sat by the warm of the heaters!



The River Cruise along the Seine is a lovely way to spend part of your evening - you can do it in the day too but there is something about seeing everything lit up that makes it so much better.


When we first got on the boat and were waiting to depart, we had the best view of the Eiffel Tower lit up.

I would definitely recommend a river cruise to anyone visiting Paris.



This is one of my favourite areas in Paris - it is just so beautiful. The Louvre itself is a very modern, glass building but the surroundings are extremely traditional and grand buildings. 


I could honestly come here every time I visit Paris! When the weather is warm it's a lovely place to chill out and, located right near the Tuileries Gardens, it is the perfect place to relax.


There is no better way to spend a Sunday than Sunday brunching! I did some research before we went and found an amazing Japanese restaurant called Kong, located right near the River Seine.

I have to say that this restaurant did not disappoint! On the 5th floor was a reception area and bar.


On the 6th floor was the restaurant. I loved the quirky design of Kong with its glass chairs and colourful table lamps. Kong was surrounded by lots of glass windows that gave an impressive view of the Seine and the buildings nearby.


The food was also amazing! I chose the Eggs Benedict and my Mum opted for French bread with jam and butter and a Pain au Chocolat.


Their menus can be found at


Notre Dame is definitely one of the most amazing churches I have ever seen and, being Catholic, I've seen a fair few! I love the gothic design of the church and the symmetry makes it look striking.


The interior of Notre Dame is even more amazing - it is just breathtaking. Pictures really don't do it justice in the slightest!


The stained glass windows were particularly beautiful - they were so detailed and colourful. 


Around the church there are several separate areas dedicated to a wide range of people.


My favourite was definitely the above - I loved the bright colours as they really stood out for me.

I didn't get chance to go into Notre Dame the first time I visited Paris but I am so glad I did this time - I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting.


After Notre Dame we took a walk through the Latin Quarter. This was similar to the cobbled streets in Monmartre as it was filled with lots of cafes and restaurants.


We stopped at a little ice cream parlour on Rue de la Huchette, one of the oldest streets in the Latin Quarter.


We also visited a little park opposite Notre Dame called Square René Viviani which was really cute and gave a great view of Notre Dame itself.



My Mum had never been to Paris before and really wanted to visit the Champs Elysees. I think she expected a street filled with pretty trees and for it to be beautiful as opposed to a long road full of shops!


Obviously we visited Swarovski!



You can first see the Arc de Triomphe from the top of the Champs Elysees. It is only a few minutes walk from here.


To access the Arc de Triomphe up close, you have to walk through an underground tunnel as the traffic around the Arc is hectic and there are no safe crossings.

The decor of the Arc de Triomphe is beautiful and is definitely worth seeing up close.

Overall I had the best two days in Paris and although I would have loved to go for longer, it is possible to see the majority of the sights if you plan ahead.


1. Make sure that you plan ahead

Note down everything that you want to do while in Paris. Have a look at the address of each of the attractions and try and group attractions together by close locations - this means that you can see a few different sights quickly before travelling to a different part of Paris.

2. Book online

I would definitely recommend booking attractions online. It is firstly cheaper but also stops you from queueing for tickets - most tickets are 'fast track' tickets so you can skip the queues! This saves a lot of time, giving you more time to spend looking round the city.

3. Save time for spontaneity

If you can, save some time to be spontaneous. Paris is an incredible city and part of the beauty of Paris is seeing it up close. Have a walk along the River Seine and explore some of the side streets or grab some food in one of the local French bistros - you won't be disappointed!

4. Use public transport

Paris is quite an expensive city and is also very busy traffic wise. Save time by using public transport - the trains/metro systems are really good to get around and are really good value for money. I used Rome 2 Rio ( as this is a really good website - it tells you how to get from destination to destination using a number of different routes.

If you have a little more time, walk between the attractions as you will more than likely come across lots of other interesting things to have a look at on the way! 

So there you have my guide on my two days in Paris!

I hope you've enjoyed reading. As always, I would love to hear from you at



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