Thursday, 26 January 2017

Mottram Hall Spa

Hi guys,

I had the most relaxing day on Monday at Mottram Hall Spa - what better way to start the week than a spa day?!

I'd never been here before but have heard lots of good things and the pictures I've seen have looked divine so when I came across a spa deal, I had to visit!




As you can see, the indoor facilities are just bliss! I have to say that this is definitely one of the nicest spas I've been to so far. 

The indoor facilities included:
Heated Pool
Steam Room



The outdoor facilities included:
Additional seating
Stone Bath 

Although it was super cold, it's always nice to be outside in a heated pool/jacuzzi soaking up the heat! The jacuzzi was really hot and was a lovely place to chill out. It was quite full for the majority of the day (hence the lack of photo).

The stone bath (pictured above) was lovely - it was in an outdoor wooden cabin which was heated like a sauna, although slightly not as hot, and included the above. The hot coals are placed inside a heater and once hot they are placed into water to release the steam into the air. This was a really relaxing space where you could easily sit and chat/chill out for a long period of time.



The Relaxation room was amazing. It had lots of comfy leather chairs with throws and cushions where you could sit and take some time out from the pool area. There was tea, coffee, water and fruit also available.

The colours, lighting and decor of the room were just dreamy and definitely aided with relaxation - I nearly fell asleep!


Even the reception area was lovely! The therapists advised to wait here ten minutes before your treatment.

We were then taken to our individual treatment rooms.


Main seating area

Cafe/Restaurant area


Initially I had booked a Back, Neck & Shoulder massage and a Facial. However, the spa had booked me in with a male therapist and I personally much prefer a female therapist for a number of reasons. 

The only other available therapist was not fully qualified in facials and therefore I spent some time with my therapist to discuss which treatment suited me best.

I opted for the Businessman's Ritual which included:
Exfoliation of Back
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Back Mask
Back of Legs & Foot Massage
Additional Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Although this wouldn't be my usual choice, I did enjoy this treatment.

Exfoliation and Back Mask

The exfoliation and back mask isn't something that I would opt for again. I found that when the therapist was cleaning off the exfoliation/mask products, the towels/cleaning products were quite rough which took away from the relaxing element.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

In addition to the above, the massage included the therapist pulling my arms in different directions which, I won't lie, almost made me laugh several times. I'm sure there is a very good reason behind this but as I wasn't given an explanation, I found this quite strange...

The available therapist was trained in swedish massage and so the massage itself wasn't as relaxing as usual. I did have a lot of tension in my back and so this was helpful as I am feeling a lot better in this respect but I do prefer a more relaxing massage usually. 

Back of Legs & Foot Massage

This part of the treatment was done whilst my back mask was soaking in. This is usually completed as part of a full body massage.

I would never have chosen this in a million years but I actually did quite enjoy it! After all the walking I've done in my last few trips away, my feet were in serious need of some attention and this foot massage definitely did the trick!

The leg massage was also really relaxing, however, I wouldn't recommend it if you are super ticklish on your legs!


The Afternoon Tea was heaven!


The Afternoon Tea included:
Scones with clotted cream and jam
Raspberry and cream pot
Mini cream cake
Chocolate tart
Cream puff
Vienna slice
Beef sandwich
Salmon and cream cheese sandwich
Ham sandwich
Egg sandwich

(one per person)

I'm usually one for quite spicy food but the beef sandwich had a very spicy sauce on which was far too spicy for me! Other than this, the afternoon tea was lovely. Every sandwich and cake was amazing and I had two full pots of tea which complemented them perfectly!


I loved this spa so much and would love to go back!

I think next time I would opt for a facial as the massages provided at Mottram Hall are not as relaxing as I would usually opt for. The facilities are amazing and the afternoon tea is one of the nicest I've had. I would also love to stay over in the hotel as this too looks incredible!

I would definitely recommend a spa day here to anyone looking for a relaxing day in the near future.

Rating: 4/5


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