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Luscious Long Locks

Hi guys,

So I have recently changed my hair (again) and I am in LOVE! I am the worst person ever for keeping my hair the same, I get so bored and I love experimenting with new styles and colours! One of the things that I do love is always having long thick hair and I have had extensions for as long as I can remember now.

I used to have really long, thick hair naturally and I made the decision at 15 to have my hair cut into a bob - a decision I have lived to regret for 6 years! However, with the help of extensions, I have been able to maintain my long, thick locks.

I have used a number of different methods for hair extensions and I thought that I would share my experiences and views with you. I think it is really hard to know which the best method is and so hopefully this blog will help you to decide on the best method for you personally!


Like many decisions I make, especially to do with hair, I realised that I had chosen to get a bob just weeks before my school prom - nightmare! I hated my bob for this reason and desperately wanted long hair so, in a plea to try and cheer me up and stop me from moaning, my mum looked into getting some clip in hair extensions for me to wear for prom.

Like most people, I fell in love with having long hair again and ended up wearing my hair extensions every day. I loved having long hair again as it meant I could do so much more with my hair and I couldn't stop wearing them. 

I would ensure that you buy the hair with the clips already attached. This sounds really obvious but in some shops they do sell the hair and clips separately and it is a lot of faffing to sew the clips on so buying it already done is definitely easier as you can wear the hair straight away.


The obvious positive of clip in hair extensions is that they are an easy but temporary way of having long hair and so if you don't want to wear your hair long every day or you don't want extensions fitted that are in all the time, clip ins are the right option for you!

Clip in hair is quite a lot cheaper than the other methods as you don't have to pay to have it put in.


Clip in hair is obviously not in your hair all the time and this is great if you want them just as a temporary option. However, for those of you that are like me and want a full time fix, it can take a lot of extra time to clip them in and make sure that they are in place and covered properly by your own hair.


What are micro bonds?
Micro bonds are applied individually and are added to the hair using keratin glue.


Micro bonds are perfect for people with finer hair or for those that want to focus on a perfect area of their hair, for example, adding extra volume to the front of their hair. 

Micro bonds are also great for those who want different colours through their hair as you are able to have a variety of colours added as a result of them being applied individually. In addition to this, micro bonds are very natural looking and blend in with your hair well - meaning they are not visible.


Applying heat can melt the bond and the glue is left on your hair, which feels really sticky and unpleasant.

I personally found that my hair was significantly thinner after having micro bonds applied and I wouldn't recommend this method to others.


What are micro rings?
Micro rings are applied individually and are added to your natural hair using metal rings. The extension hair is placed through the rings and secured by clamping the ring shut. I can assure you this really isn't as painful as it sounds!


Micro ring extensions have the same positives as micro bond extensions. They are natural looking and allow you to have a variety of colours through your hair. 


You are not able to use a proper brush and I found that, with my hair being reasonably thick, the brushes I used sometimes didn't get all of the knots out. If you are going to have this method of extensions fitted, ensure that you have either a Tangle Teezer or Denman Classic brush as a brush with bobbles on the end can pull out your extensions.

I liked the micro ring method as it allowed me to have a variety of colours but I found that my hair was not as thick as I would have liked and, having naturally thick hair, this was not the best method for me personally. 


What is an LA weave?
An LA weave adds rows of hair by sewing the hair through fitted micro rings. 

The LA weave is by far my favourite method! I have used the LA weave method for nearly two years now and couldn't imagine going back to individual pieces.


The LA weave definitely gives you the most volume out of all of the methods due to the hair being added by rows as opposed to individual pieces.

The LA weave is extremely easy to manage, again because it is added in rows. If applied properly, this method also allows for versatility and you are able to wear your hair in many different styles without the extensions being visible. For example, I have been able to wear my hair in a french plait, up in a bun or pony with no extensions visible at all.


There is not necessarily the same variety of colours available as the hair comes in rows as opposed to individual pieces and you therefore choose one colour per fitting. However, with this method becoming more popular the colours available are increasing and brands are now starting to introduce hair that contains different coloured highlights to remove this issue.


I would highly recommend having Remy hair extensions. Remy hair is sold by many different brands and is the best quality hair around, meaning that the hair lasts for a long time if looked after properly!

In addition to having Remy hair, if you are after the super thick look, make sure you buy double drawn hair. This means that you essentially have two rows of hair (one row on top of the other) where you would only have had one - making your hair twice as thick!


Again, through having extensions for several years I have tried a number of different brands of hair. My favourite has to be New U Hair Extensions!

This brand sell amazing quality hair that remains in good condition for many months. The available colours are extremely varied, ranging from blonde, dark, reds and ombre/balayage. New U sell a variety of hair extensions, including the LA weave, pre-bonded hair and clip in hair extensions.

The staff are so helpful and if you have any problems at all, they are more than happy to answer any queries and resolve any issues for you.

Shade: Milano

Shade: Havana

To view their hair extension range, visit their website:

"Good hair is not cheap, cheap hair is not good"

I think this quote is definitely one to bear in mind. It might seem like you are spending quite a lot on your hair but good quality hair does cost and a good hairdresser will charge a reasonable amount to put your extensions in. However, if looked after, your hair can last for up to 6 months to a year without new hair required. I would definitely invest a little bit of money in having them fitted as you definitely will not regret paying that little bit extra for amazing quality!

If you are going to have extensions fitted, do your research! Make sure that you are happy with the method that you have chosen and the hairdresser that will be fitting the extensions. I would recommend a consultation to decide on colours - this can also be used to gain advice on the best method for you.

If you are based in the Manchester area and are looking to have extensions fitted, book in with my amazing hairdresser Niki! She is a fully qualified hairdresser with over 30 years experience and specialises in colour and extensions.
You can contact her via her Facebook page: Deva Hairdressing.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and if you had any questions on this subject, I hope this post has helped to answer these! 

If you have any questions at all or wish to contact me, message me on Instagram: @xthelifeofm or email me on


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