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Make-up essentials #2 - Face

Hi guys,

As promised, today I am going to share all of my favourite face products with you to help you achieve the perfect smooth, contoured look!



In my eyes, your overall face make-up is the most important! You can still have the classy done up look - without heavy eye make-up or even any lip products - simply by having the perfect base.

I am definitely not a morning person and so I would much rather have those extra 5 minutes in bed than spend time each morning on my eye make-up! For me, my everyday look simply consists of a nice smooth base using foundation, a touch of contour and highlight, a little bit of mascara and a nude lipstick. In contrast, I do love to spend time on my eye make-up, experimenting on new looks - it just depends on the occasion and how much time I have (and whether sleep is involved...).


A good foundation is essential in order to create a smooth base. It is difficult to build on your face with other products when you don't have a good coverage underneath.

Over the years, I can safely say I have tried and tested probably nearly all of the brands! I started wearing foundation at quite a young age, probably around the age of 12 or 13 and so I couldn't afford to buy the expensive brands and relied on cheaper products. Probably one of the main problems was that I didn't really know how to apply my foundation properly and therefore didn't have a good base in order to add additional products. I also bought the wrong shades and looked far too orange - not a good look!!

My two all time favourite products are:


 Estee Lauder Doublewear                      MAC Studio Sculpt

The Doublewear foundation is amazing! I use this for nights out as it provides a heavier coverage and stays on all night.

MAC Studio Sculpt is my favourite day time foundation. I used MAC Studio Fix foundation for years but I found that, because of my skin type, this isn't the best foundation for me.

    Studio Fix           vs         Studio Sculpt


Studio Fix is quite a heavy foundation and is perfect if you are after the full coverage look. This foundation is best for people with oily skin - if you have drier skin like me, you will probably find that this foundation doesn't compliment your skin and dries it out. 

Studio Sculpt is a less heavy foundation but it still gives a good, full coverage. This foundation is better for people with dry skin as it has more moisture and stops your skin from becoming overly dry when wearing it.


A good brush is also crucial in order to get your perfect base. Every person has their own 'look' and preferences but I personally like full coverage, whether during the day or for a night time look, and so the brushes I use reflect this.

I use two brushes to apply my foundation:

Brand: EcoTools

I apply my foundation firstly with this amazing brush by EcoTools. I have used this brush for over two years and it is definitely an all time favourite. I bought this brush from Boots for just £7.99 - such a bargain compared to other brands and it applies foundation really well!

Brand: Revolution / F103

Once I have my base coat of foundation, I apply a little more with this stipler brush to get the full coverage look. A stipler brush is also great for blending your foundation from your chin / jawline to your neck. After getting to used to using a stipler brush I wouldn't be without one - definitely a must for your make-up bag!


I love this translucent powder by Kiko Cosmetics - I apply this directly after my foundation. I never used to use a powder to set my foundation but since having my make-up done, and having my make-up lesson, I have realised the importance of using one. A setting powder helps to keep your foundation even all day / night and stops the foundation being affected when applying other products.

I use the Real Techniques 100 brush (pictured below) to apply my powder - it is the perfect fluffy brush and applies the powder lightly.

Brand: Kiko                     Brand: Real Techniques / 100


I apply this concealer under my eyes and at the top of my cheeks to lighten the area. I would buy around two shades lighter than your foundation.

Brand: Rimmel Wake Me Up
Shade: Light Beige

Brand: Zoeva / 142

Contour Kit


I have used several different contour kits and I much prefer a powder contour to a cream contour. This is the best contour kit I have ever used and is only £4.99 - I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new contour product! I use shade Medium.


Brand: Real Techniques / 301



Brand: MAC - Shade Medium Deep

I bought this bronzer way over a year ago and it still hasn't run out - even after using it every day! I apply this over the contoured area to soften the contour slightly. 

I use the Real Techniques 301 brush to apply this.


I use two different products for my highlight as I find it makes it stand out more. 

Product 1

Brand: Anastasia Beverley Hills   Shade: Gleam

Product 2
   Brand: Sleek   Shade: Precious Metals  

Brand: Zoeva / 325 
Where to use: Under eyebrow & directly above top lip   

Brand: Morphe / M143
           Where to use: Above cheekbones / contour      


I have naturally thin eyebrows so I rely on using a good gel to thicken them. 

I use Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown. I use the Duo Brush #7 to apply this. I would really recommend the brush - it helps to shape the brows and enables you to apply the gel smoothly and neatly.

I bought both these products from the Anastasia website ( but they are also available on Beauty Bay ( or Amazon (


I hope you have enjoyed reading my Make-up Essentials so far. Next week I will be sharing all of my favourite lip products with you.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch by either commenting on this post or contacting me on the below:

Instagram: @xthelifeofm


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