Sunday, 7 August 2016

'Barely There'

Hi guys,

So I’m slightly nervous as this is my first ever proper blog post but I’m equally just as excited to get started! Anyone that knows me will know that I am an absolute shopaholic so it only seems right that my first blog post relates to fashion…

Although fashion is constantly changing, one of the trends to stick has been the ‘Barely There’ look; strappy heeled sandals! I was quite sceptical of the ‘Barely There’ trend when it first arrived on the high street as I was so used to the chunkier platform heels but the more I saw, the more I changed my mind. The simplicity of this look means that you have so much versatility and can wear the shoes with a number of completely different outfits. I am obsessed with this trend and cannot stop buying!

I thought that I would show you a few of my favourites...


Brand: Public Desire       Comfort: 2/5

I fell in love with these shoes when I first saw them - the simple style looks chic and classy. I am obsessed with rose gold AND the barely there style so these are me down to a tee! 

Although these shoes are not the comfiest, they still look amazing and can be worn with a number of different outfits - the perfect heel for a nice meal out!


Brand: Missguided     Comfort: 2/5

I love the style of these shoes - the three leg straps make these shoes more dressy and slightly different to your standard heeled sandals. 

Missguided also sell these shoes in black and white, which are both equally as nice as the nude and are perfect colours to wear with any outfit.

Although these heels aren't the comfiest, they are just too pretty not to wear! Again, these shoes are perfect for a meal or night not spent on your feet.


Brand: Missguided     Comfort: 4/5

These Valentino inspired heels are definitely up there with my favourites! They are without a doubt one of the comfiest pairs of heels that I have and I have always received compliments when wearing them.

These heels were really reasonably priced and are of amazing quality. Missguided also sell these in black which look equally as striking as the nude pair!

These heels add detail to a simple outfit - team with a simply bodycon dress for the perfect outfit!


Brand: Boohoo
Comfort: 4/5

I love the simplicity of these heels - the simple singular strap and high back provide support for the feet and stop them from being uncomfortable. The strap across the toes is also the perfect size and doesn't dig in - which is definitely a problem with some of these style of heels!

I recently wore these heels on a night out with the girls and my feet didn't start to hurt until the end of the night - which after a long period of time on my feet is generally expected whatever
the footwear!

These will definitely be my go-to heels for a night out in the future - especially as they go with most outfits!


 Brand: Missguided       Comfort: 5/5

Saving the best until last... These nude lace-up leg heels are my favourite buy! They look amazing and are the comfiest heels that I own!

If you are looking for the perfect going out heels, I would definitely recommend that you invest girls!


I hope that you enjoyed reading my first blog - happy shopping!


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