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Thursday, 8 April 2021

5 gorgeous underwear pieces you need in your life/wardrobe

Nice underwear is something that probably every girl loves - it just makes you feel so good about yourself! Nothing beats it. I think the majority of people are feeling a bit lacking in confidence after the last year of lockdown, so what better than to put on a gorgeous underwear set and make yourself feel like the bad b*tch that you are?!

Here are 5 of my favourite underwear pieces that you need in your wardrobe!


Friday, 19 March 2021

SHEIN Picks: March 2021

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with SHEIN *pinch me* who kindly gifted me 6 items of my choice. I've actually never shopped at SHEIN before but I've heard amazing things so I was so excited to try their clothing!

Firstly, can we just appreciate the packaging?! Every clothing item is separately packaged in these gorgeous branded zip-lock bags. I was so impressed as this tells me that the brand has really gone the extra mile and thought about every little detail that may appeal to their customers. I think, particularly for the price of these items (bargains!!!), that I was even more impressed by this.

I opted for 3 tops, a set of pyjamas, a bodysuit and a necklace. Keep reading to see what I got and what I thought!



Thursday, 11 March 2021


If you know me (or you've read my blogs), you'll probably know that I am a book over TV kinda gal. Although I do love the odd series here and there, it can sometimes take me ages to get into a new one whereas I can pick up a book and easily finish it that night!

I've read quite a lot of books and watched the TV series too so I thought it would be interesting to see how they marry up against one another. I've surprised myself here as I usually much prefer books but some of these series just cannot be beaten!

Keep reading to see how I've rated 5 books vs their TV show addition!


Sunday, 7 March 2021

Scentsational Beauty: Olaplex & Moroccan Oil

Scentsational is a modern online supplier of beauty products internationally for both men and women. As an online retailer, many of the products are discounted - allowing you to buy high quality, popular products without the designer price tag!  I love this as it means that products are accessible to a wider audience.

There are a wide array of different products: perfume, hair products, skincare and cosmetics (amongst many others) as well as a variety of great brands. 

I opted to try Olaplex and Moroccan Oil, two brands I’ve heard endless positives about!

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Fondue Heaven: Charlie’s Chocolate Fountain

Valentines Day for me is just another day of the year - probably the same for a lot of other fellow single people! This year I decided, with lockdown especially, that I was going to celebrate with my friends!

I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing box from Charlie’s Chocolate Fountain. Started in May 2020, during the midst of the COVID pandemic, Charlie began creating chocolate fondue boxes for family members and friends to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. Due to their popularity, this grew into a business opportunity for Charlie. She has since expanded her business by offering a variety of different style boxes.

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